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Tamiya 1/35 IS-3 Pravda Edition (Girls und Panzer)

It been a long time that i have done a diorama *or vignette if you prefer that* but as always the main problem with it was having a space for it. Also i want to do something different other than wartime dio and Girls und Panzer while silly as it is, certainly helping on towards that direction.

The Boxes

Firstly i want to show the figures that i chosen for this project was the PRAVDA High School Figure Set “Setsugen No Tatakai Desu!” and Ooarai girl school x Kuromorimine Girls High School with Chono Ami Captain Figure Set from Platz. Bloody hell that a long product name. Both set contains the resin parts for the figure and parts of the tanks, instruction page and decal for the eyes.

The Pravda set

Ooarai girl school x Kuromorimine Girls High School Set

The Build

The main star for this diorama is the IS-3 *kinda disappointed that it not show up in GuP yet* that being shown off by Katyusha on a street. At first i want a crowd of people flock the tank but considering the cost and general lack of selection of civilian figure i decide to use GuP figures which is still not cheap but have interesting pose that make up for it.

As for the IS-3 itself, i use Tamiya kit for this one since it the only one available at the time and i don’t want super accurate kit for this kind of thing anyway. The only add-on for this tank was the metal barrel and 0.6mm Stainless Steel Towing Cables from Aber.

Speaking of the cable, it is a major pain in the arse to bend around even with heating it as it don’t want to cooperate. Eventually i get it to bend where i wanted to but it require much more patience that i expected to make it work.

As expected from Tamiya, all the parts a fitted nicely but there are problem for the fenders or lack there off which i seal off with pla-plate. Also added the turret platform part that is provided from Pravda figure set so it easier to position the figure inside the hatch.

As for the base, i use Miniart Street w/Park Wall which seem a perfect fit for what i have in vision for my build. This is the first time i play around with Vacuum form kit. It certainly harder to build it but at least better than scratch build the entire thing or pay hefty sum for resin pieces.

As luck have it, one of my cat accidentally snap off the street lamp when it was in storage so rather than try to fix the broken piece, i shorten the lamp post instead.

Painting is pretty straight forward for the tank as it mainly use a single color but the girls uniform is a bit tricky to find the right color. Also for the first time that i trying out the AK Interactive filters and washes product from the Modern Russian Weathering Set to see how it work.  So here are the list of paints that was used for this build:


  • Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green
  • Modo MK-12 Black Surfacer
  • Modo M-008 Flat Clear
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Gunmetal – Silvery bits


  • Tamiya XF-58 Olive Green – Pravda Uniform
  • Mr.Color 322 Phthalo Cyanne Blue – Oarai uniform
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Daemonic Yellow
  • Warpaints Army Green
  • WarPaints Deep Blue
  • WarPaints Dragon Red
  • Warpaints Matt White
  • Warpaints Leather Brown
  • Warpaints Anti-Shine

Miniart Base:

  • Modo MK-12 Black Surfacer
  • Mr.Color 73 Aircraft Grey – Sidewalk
  • Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Wall
  • Warpaints Daemonic Yellow – Wall
  • Warpaints Dragon Red + Leather Brown – Bricks

Filters and Washes

  • AK045 Dark Wash for Green Vehicles
  • AK042 European Earth
  • AK4161 Neutral Grey Filter
  • AK4162 Light Filter for Green Vehicles

The final piece of the puzzle is the decals. Since i don’t really want to buy the expensive Platz kit to get the Pravda decal, instead i get Samueldecal to print it for me as i have other project ongoing that requires their own custom decals as well.

But i later find that AK filters can destroy this decal rather easily so it best to avoid apply over it. I only use the two big Pravda emblems from this sheet while the number are from the kit.

The Result

I quite happy with the build as i learn some new technique along the way which would be useful in the future. Still AK product is expensive as hell. I would also recommend on getting the Miniart dio set since they have quite a selection of scene and building that can easily fit to most situation.


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