Now moving to 3rd of the SD EX-Standard lineup, Gundam Exia! The most choppy-choppy lead MS of them all.

If you want to know what i think about SD EX-Standard overall, you can refer to the SD EX-Standard RX-78-2 Gundam Review.

In The Box
As the last post, here the timelapse of the build to give you an idea on how it was build.

The Completed Product

_DSC1649 _DSC1650
(The Front & Back Shot)

Exia certainly packed as it can carry the shield, folded blade and 2 smaller sword no problem at all. This enable Exia to make many posses whatever you like with all those melee weapons. The folded blade can be holded with 2 position

_DSC1652 _DSC1653
_DSC1655 _DSC1657
_DSC1658 _DSC1659
_DSC1660 _DSC1661
_DSC1663 _DSC1664

Folded blade can be holded in two position. _DSC1667
_DSC1668 _DSC1670

Now for the combination, there only two provided which one for the shield and another where all the accessories combined. I certainly like the shield one as it extend the size of the shield with those swords. _DSC1673

_DSC1675 _DSC1678

This total combination is very flimsy as the tab that connect to the center is small and not very solid so expect it flopping around when handling.
_DSC1683 _DSC1684
_DSC1685 _DSC1686

Compare to RX-78-2 ver _DSC1690

This one certainly a much more versatile kit if you want to pose around with all the weapon it come with.