Painted, Scale Kit, WIP

Hobby Boss 1/350 Typhoon Class SSBN


After finish up a few backlog that have been sitting in the box for years (and there still more!) i decide to buy a kit to break up thinking about the looming backlog but easy to completed which where this kit come into play!


The Project 941 Akula or more widely known with it’s NATO naming, Typhoon was the biggest submarine ever built to date. This submarine have a length of 175m , beam of 23m and draught of 12m. It’s propulsion consist of two nuclear water reactor that produce 190 MW each and two 50,000 hp steam turbines that power the 2 shaft with 7-bladed shrouded screws.

The class was built specifically for operations with the Soviet Northern Fleet in the Arctic ice pack. The reinforced sail, advanced stern fin with horizontal hydroplane fitted aft of the screws and retractable bow hydroplanes allow the submarine to break easily through spots of thin ice within the Arctic ice shelf. Under the ice these boats are much harder to track and to engage.

The submarine main weaponry consist of  20 R-39 Rif (NATO: SS-N-20 Sturgeon) with 10 nuclear warhead in each missile and each warhead hold 100kt of blast yield. These missile allow this submarine to hit any target in the continental US within the Artic Circle. It is also equipped with six 533mm (21in) torpedo tubes and type 53 torpedoes.

7 of these submarine were to be built but only 6 of them completed between 1976 – 1986. Currently only Dmitry Donskoy, the first of her class is still operational as a platform for testing new weapons and sonars, exceeding its planned service life of 25 years. It planned to be retired in 2019 as Borei class submarine take it’s place.

The Box

The kit consist of 2 hull part, 6 runner and the usual manual, a decal sheet and a PE runner.

The Build

It maybe just this specific kit but i have a problem with getting the two hull lining up as there like 2-3mm length difference between the two which don’t sound much but it can make a quite sizable gap. To correct this issue, i reinforce the inside with plastic rod to make the difference atleast not as visible.

The another issue is that there no internal detail to fill the gap between the missile tubes which is solved by using square plastic rod to fill the gap. The missile tube covers while a snug fit can easily drop inside, so to make them the closed one sit flush with the upper hull, i added the plastic rod inside.

As for the paint:
Modo MK-12 Black Surfacer
Modo MK-13 White Surfacer
MR.Color 29 Hull Red
Gaia Color 122 Star Bright Gold – props
Warpaints Army Green – Interior
Warpaints Matt Black
Warpaints Gun Metal
Warpaints Greedy Gold
Modo M-008 Flat Clear

On the final note, i find the decal is quite thick for my liking and seem to curl up easily.

The Result

Compare to largest submarine from WW2, IJN I-400


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