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MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee


Gundam Unicorns was one of the unique design that i feel in love the most in a gundam because at first in “Unicorn mode” it don’t look like gundam at all and remove the hey i am a gundam! traditional gundam colors to a  simple one color with panel line to add depth to it (so it don’t look like a concrete wall :P) but with addition of the psychoframe when it’s enter “Destroy mode” make the suit itself “pop” (literally XD) and revealing the familiar gundam look that we all know. I like the design so much that i bought 4 MG variants of unicorns (2 Unicorn & 2 Banshee) and what i showing here right now is the OVA version of Banshee.

Banshee motif is of a lion with it’s eye-catching massive v fin (honestly look like a moose horns to me) with a golden collar to akin a lion mane. Also added in was the golden psychoframe (or i should say psychoflame XD) but what make it set apart from other variants of Unicorns is that it have 2 odd looking or funky weapons on each arms which was the Armed Armor BS on the right arm,  a Beam Smart gun akin a rail gun (presumably) and Armed Armor VN on the left which look like a massive boxing gloves before it transform into claw arm. The price is averaging about RM 190.

My first disappointment as soon i crack open the box was that instead of the black you see in the OVA , they give you like dark blue color and transparent orange which don’t look all that great together especially the orange that made up the psychoframe which look too transparent until you can make out what inside the suit and as all MG Unicorns have was the “light up” gimmick that make the psychoframe shine if you shine a black light to it. Here a example below.

For me the gimmick is not really all that interesting since you really need to get the black light close to make it really shine and i imagine you will do it once and never use it again. So i decide to repaint them…

I painted this with Anchor spray cans (unless stated) which easy to come by in my place. I painted the dark blue armor with flat black, Bosny gold 20k sound expensive XD for the psychoframe and all the gold parts, primer grey for the inner frame with some other part and lastly silver for the joints, hands and thrusters. To add up more to the kit i ordered Banshee Ver.Ka decal from Samueldecal. And…


Wallah! Now it look a much more proper Banshee as the black and gold contrast look really good to each others and the golden decal galore is adding icing to the cake.


In addition, there some left over parts from you can convert it to Unicorn OVA configuration in Banshee colors and have parts to make up the shield (which the best one i seen) but you need a Unicorn manual to assemble it that you can find online. Sadly it don’t come with enough parts to make up the bazooka and beam magnum. Now to  play around with it…

(Age-2 N getting ready to be smash apart XD)

The claw can do some interesting poses which while the lower jaw can only move up or down but the upper half add more by move slightly to the side so it can grab it’s pray easily as demonstrated by HG Age-2. It certainly be an amusing stuff in the shelf when you take certain MS and rip their arm apart. I also like to see if anyone make a battle diorama with it tearing apart GMs. Beam Smart gun just look good by pointing into something XD.



All the unicorns have something in common tho which is posebility problem on the ground which is, let just say acceptable. BTW Full Armor Unicorn is just a good looking brick. It have all the articulation you can expect for a MG with the exception on the knee which can only do 90 degree bend which to be honest you never use more than that in ground poses. It can stand up no problem at all but when you try to do some poses with the leg spread out, it tend to fall easily and getting that center of balance can be troublesome. I think it was the foot surface area and range or lack thereof is to be blame on this.

The transformation itself tho is not bad but certainly not straight forward as there some parts you need to follow in the right order (the foot is most prominent) and there some that don’t hold well together or always collapse to it “Unicorn mode” (knee, shoulders, lower torso, back skirt). Even with that i have done so many of these transformation that i have know it by heart now XD but you might consider just picking which mode you like the most and stick to it just so you can enjoy watching it more. Also sorry for the lack of “Unicorn mode” pic as i don’t want to risk scratching the paint job.

Minor issue tho is the head can be troublesome to turn around as it will clash with the collar and the backpack beam saber when the v fin is open.

(Now time to fly and shooting stars :))

With a help of a Action Base 1 (sold separately) now it have release from the shackle of gravity and able to freely pose around. Here where the limited knee bend can be a issue to some poses as it might look odd in certain angle.

(Try to mimic the box art pose on both weapons)

While it certainly have evident issue such as ground poses problem, transformation and the funky looking weapons that can put off some people, it certainly a good kit and a good looking as well which if you like it in the OVA, you should try to get hold of it. There also a Titanium Finish ver of this which have metallic finish armor, shiny gold for the yellow parts and waterslide decal from what i can tell. The price ? Above RM 400. So prepare you wallet if you want it XD.



11 thoughts on “MG RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee”

      1. Oh, there is anchor spray which looks like the gold in the picture bcoz very hard to find bosny brand spray around my place

      2. actually i dont like this model since the original colour make it look cheap toy, but after i saw ur painted version i think i fall in love with it…btw how much the price for the decal??original decal for this model is white right??

      3. hopefully there is other seller from malaysia which sell this type of decal..btw tq ^^

    1. Really hard for local one since the only one i know have long discontinued their service or custom only order. There a seller that sell samueldecals in local at Lowyat.net forum if i not mistaken.

      1. The gold part have undercoat or not??or u just spray the gold directly to the gold part??

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