Modeler Kai

Just Another Malaysian Modeler

About Me

Have been interested in making models since a young lad as i remember having a 1/700 scale USS Enterprise as my first model kit and fail badly at painting it XD. Then gundam Seed & Seed Destiny came along and end up getting a few first grade Seed kit with my own pocket money and snapfit them with my bare hands.

Started my modeling career as it where with Gunpla at the end of 2011 with the purchase of MG 00 QAN[T] and later on get a few awards years later. However, i lost interest to Gunpla when started shifted to military scale models mainly because it more varied and challenging. What started that shift is an opening of a local hobby store that not only stock in Gunpla but scale models and Wargaming miniature (ie Warhammer). Still after a while i started to shop online for those kits especially ship kits since that pretty much at the bottom of the totem pole when it come to scale model popularity.

Achievements so far:

3rd place Open Category in Malaysia Gundam Mid-year Challenge 2013

Merit Award Youth Category in Malaysia Gundam Mid-year Challenge 2014


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