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T-14M “Hassan” (Takom 1/35 T-14 Armata)

Continuing my what-if series, this time it was T-14 Armata! The new tank hotness that have been revealed at Victory Day in Moscow last year. Somehow Takom with espionage hax able to produce a kit a few month later after the reveal.

Faux History

The T-14M is production export variant for Malaysia (which M stand for) While exterior look the same but under the hood, it incorporated French system for fire control, communication and powerpack that provided by Sagem and Thales. It design to work along side with PT-91M Pendekar that have been then mainstay tank for the Royal Armoured Corps(KAD) for a quite awhile. The name Hassan come from Sarjan Hassan Othman which is a veteran soldier during the Insurgency period which later popularize with the movie Sarjan Hassan by the late P.Ramlee even tho the movie plot is way different than the real Hassan faced during his service.

Prep Work

I heard some mix review about Takom, espacially they say the plastic was softer (which i don’t really notice honestly). My experience so far with this tank it feel nice but it certainly have other issue that can be frustrating. Firstly on the turret, if you accidentally knock them off those grenade launcher looking thingy (which i assume the tank active protection system) it will be very hard to fit back to it slot when you have completely assemble the turret. The grill mesh at the rear of the tank is problematic at itself since the arm that hold the mesh is not really hold it flat. In my case i only use 2/3 of the arm at best to make it align with the tank.

Which come to the most problematic issue of them all, those bloody tracks! Firstly there are 7 runner that you need to cut out if you planning to make the full length track pair. Which then you need to put the guide horn on each of the track which might not hold during assembly.

And then you need modified the spacing abit since apparently the track don’t really fit with the sprocket wheel and the guide horn not run inside the track return rollers which is why i build it half length which will be hidden away with those huge side hull.

While the tank nowdays use digital camo, i decide to use the classic scheme as for me it much easier to plan out. To produce the ATM (Malaysian Royal Army) color scheme i use these paints:

Camo paint:

  • Tamiya XF-57 Buff
  • Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown
  • Mr. Color TC16 Japanese Army Green
  • Gaianotes 075 Neutral Grey V

Supplement paint:

  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Tanned Flesh

The ATM decal is similiar to what i use for the M61A5 MBT which i have done a quite few years back.


Compare to Type 10

Compare to M61A5 MBT

Outdoor shooting

While the accuracy of the kit might be questionable due to the nature of it fast release, it certainly a good kit for those who want it now for this scale since i pretty sure there was a 1/72 version of the Armata that also release last year by Modelcollect but i haven’t look into it yet. Certainly not a beginner kit tho.


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