Modeler Kai

Just Another Malaysian Modeler


DSC_0671 DeAgostini The Combat Tanks Collection: 1/72 Leopard 1 A2 (Weathered)

DSC_0850 Super Robot Chogokin Armored Core V UCR-10/A with Grind Blade

DSC_0107 LBX Orvane with Riding Saucer II

DSC_0194 MSS Sinker

DSC_0291 Zero A6M5 Model 52 USB Fan “Eien No Zero” ver Review

DSC_0374 Majin Bone Tiger Bone Review

_DSC0219 Kotobukiya Non-Scale Rensoho-Chan Review

_DSC4700 BigBlueBoy IJN Akizuki 1942 Photo-etch set For 1/350 IJN Akizuki Mono Chrome/ Wave preview

_DSC5412 MODO Paint Bottle Stand Review

_DSC5973 Cobaanii Paint Rack D & G Review


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