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MG RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka “Dreadnought”

After 3 months working on this (and weeks of slacking XD), finally i present to you my Nu gundam ver KA “Dreadnought”, my first painted kit for this year. 🙂

(Without the funnels since it hard enough to balance with it on the ground >.>)

First of all, this build is a part of a group build from Gundam Australia Forum which you can visit it’s thread here and fest yourself with some fantastic builds from others builder on their take of the Nu (and explosions ^^).

Prep Work

At first i was throwing away ideas around on which color scheme to brush up with and i end up settle with color scheme that based on a very well known Gundam MK II Titan color as like a “partner” ala Unicorn/ Banshee. Also thanks to Fury for the Nu Gundam color apps which can be found here.

My color of choice is mainly from Gainotes which are No.15 blue and midnight blue to make up most of the armor part with a 1/1 mix of flat black and neutral gray IV on some. Inner frame is mainly neutral gray IV and humbrol silver (which a pain to handbrush) to give some details plus florescent green for the psychoframe which don’t show all that much. Other color i use are bright red, orange yellow, gunmetal and dark stainless steel. Finish it off with flat clear coat.

(Have changed alot from this first draft)

As i pretty much a fan of heavily armed mech, i decide to attach it’s bazooka on the backpack ala “Canon” variants as i despise most handheld bazooka since it don’t look good or awkward when posing and i flip around the missile carriage so it don’t bump up with the arm plus close up the front of it with pla-plate. Also give it a railgun on the left arm based on the gundam Virtue gun with added pla-plate and putty to make up the details abit still need some improvements i feel. The shield also have a change of armaments to large twin cannon (Don’t remember the exact name…) from HGUC Nu gundam HWS which held with a magnet so i can easily remove it for painting. The gun is from Kotobukiya Armored Core Weapon Unit 14 which include this huge shotgun called “Sampaguita”, pretty easy to work with to replace the Nu Gundam rifle which for me don’t really match with the design epicness of the Nu.

The thrusters is combination of 1/100 ring type and 1/144 flaps type from MS Vernier 01 for backpack and leg respectively.

Since i expect some decal that came with it might not look good on this dark color scheme, i opted to get 2 decals from Samuel Decals which are MG MK II Titan – RG style and 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.1 (requested all white) decals.


End Note
The build is not without it’s mishaps tho like dust which appear when i want to paint parts (annoying >.>)  and the occasionally paint scratch here and there which some can be fixed with handbrush while other need a airbursh which certainly slow down my progress. The biggest one however was i accidently knock down a paint jar and it spill half the desk and the floor which annoy the hell out of me plus lose about 50% of that paint. But the end results was well worth it as i get to learn on new stuff and do and don’t on painting (dust must die!!).

Also a warning to those who building it and want to paint later, don’t attach I 24 as it very hard to get it out from the arm without breaking it. My best advice is remove other part first and slowly pry open the arm frame and hope the part don’t snap in the process.

The fin funnel is certainly a huge oversight in Bandai part since the connector just barely hold all 6 of them even if it hold, it will collapse inwards and it become a patience game as you want to adjust the fin funnel while not wreak the kit balance or expect it to fall flat most of the time. The hand certainly feel fragile and a misstep can lead to a broken joint that hard to fix and ordering it will cost significant money and waiting time. It might be i haven’t get use to it which you have too since most new MG UC kits like Sinanju Stien and Jesta have these hands. Also the beam saber handle on the arm that also act as shield connector is just connect on the arm with friction so a shake will most likely to fall out from the arm. I just cement it since it annoying to keep it in place. With that said, the kit look great out of the box and it well worth the cost their asking for just that i wish that it include fin funnel effect part like with the MG Hi-nu than buying the exclusive Funnel Expansion set.


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