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Loot Time! March

Sorry for have not update this blog for quite some time since i pretty much busy at finishing up my Nu gundam ver KA for a group build but i received 2 package this month from 2 source which are Hobbylink Japan & Amiami for my current and next project. Both of these i order on 4th March as i experimented on how fast these two handle the order.

First to arrive was package from Amiami which are two Jesta Cannon to complete the trinity as i have the standard Jesta for a while plus with 3 Base Jabber (only completed one tho >.>) and planning to make a custom for each of them.

Hobbylink Japan package come much latter which are these that will be used in current & next project in line.

(From left: Kotobukiya Free Style Shield, 1/144 MS Hands 01 (Federation type) and Armored Core Weapon Unit 14)

Result of the experiment:
Amiami certainly very quick in their service as the ordering process only take about 3 hours and shipped the next day. It took 6 days to reach to my house but it could be 4 days if the deliveryman don’t arrive when im out for ‘Kenduri’ :/. They certainly love to packed with alot of packaging material to make sure the package is protected.

(that alot of paper XD)

(They also included these pamphlet which i believe they give out on every package.)

Hobbylink Japan however slow on their order handling now as it took almost a day from order confirmation to payment request and they sent said request in midnight and after that for some reason they took like 3 days to send my package after payment process which i don’t remember is that slow when i order from them last time. It took 5 days to arrive but the package certainly have a rough day…

Certainly have been received quite a beat up and it worrying me about the content when they usually don’t use packaging materials at all like in my case as the package just warp up with plastic wrapper with cardboard backing. Luckily, the content was safe but have to wonder how secure this are.

That all for today, i might do a review on each of them when i finish my Nu Gundam but you can let me know which one you want to see first.


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