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HGUC Jesta Cannon Review

This time we look at the HGUC Jesta cannon that was heavy assault variants of the Jesta to provide additional fire support to the team. Armed with additional weapons, armor and a bigger gun, this MS really mean business in a form a hail of laser and grenade spam XD . Only appear in recently aired Gundam Unicorn OVA episode 6. I have to pick this up because since the Jesta itself is already a good looking MS with the spec ops feel to it which is fitting to it’s performance in the OVA and adding more bulk to it is adding icing on the cake.

Kit Overview

(OOB build without lining)

On it’s intended armament, It come with 4 grenade rack, a laser cannon and multi-launcher on the backpack and a massive gun which look like a gun from Ghost Recon (which if i remember correctly based on the real US gun prototype). The new parts are located on the chest, shoulders, left arm (which look like a boxing punch shield thing), side skirt, front skirt , knee  and the side of the legs to equip the grenade rack. The grenade rack on the leg can be open while the side skirt ones can’t but be careful to not to lose it since it doesn’t have a peg and depend entirely on friction to hold it.

(I have to guess it a gun sight or laser designator)

The new gun on it’s rear can be open and close for some reason (haven’t watch episode 6 >.<) but it do have details in it, just that because of it size the hand ball joint will snag downwards unless you bring the arm up. You also get beam saber holder on the side skirt which as a replacement for beam saber holder that originally at the left side of the arm.

Suprisely  it come with accessories from the normal Jesta, namely the shield and the beam carbine plus some left over part for the leg, waist and shoulder but missing the upper chest plate. So if you like me who have buy two of these, you can almost convert one of them to normal Jesta if you so choose. For the hands it come with open palm, fist and beam saber hand for both side while the trigger finger only for the right which is sad because can’t do the dual wielding pose with the beam carbine.

(Sticker to provide color separation on the multi-launcher)

In term of foil sticker, not that many as compare to other recent HGUC (looking at Delta Kai >.>) it provide on the head and gun sensor/sight, shoulder vents, chest, the v on the waist, and multi-launcher on it’s side. Also provided alot of marking sticker of Londo Bell, AE, EFSF and numbers that you can mix and match.


Even with the additional armor in place, the articulation is about or exactly the same as the normal Jesta which pretty much what you can expect on recent HGUC kits, just i find the knee joints is easy to dislodge. The backpack do have some movement for it’s weapons that is can only can move straight up or straight ahead.

Flying around with the help of Bandai Tamashii Stage Act.4

Final Note

(Comparison with the Normal Jesta)

If you already like the Jesta design, i highly recommend to get this kit plus in fact it include the jesta normal accessories is a bonus which you can make your own variants of Jesta cannon. The additional armor do make the jesta look much more muscular while retain the special ops feel to it. There some cons tho like there a very apparent seamlines in the middle of the arm which also continues on the arm shield which will make removing seamlines much more challenging and the leg joint really like to dislodge for time to time which can be annoying while doing alot of posing. Other than that, i don’t have complain about it.

(One of the ways you can do with the extra accessories albeit you need to remove the backpack cannon for this.

3 thoughts on “HGUC Jesta Cannon Review”

  1. The new (chuckeh~) rifle and add-on armour gives the more hulky feel to the over kit.
    The grenade racks are actually following the RGM-89’s grenade racks (which I had reviewed), so yeah, using friction to hold it is very… iffy.

    Oho~ nice operator team you have there.

    1. Certainly have that hulk out feel to it, just it a pain to pose with the rifle as it will snag on every chance it got. About the grenade racks one of them already loose during the review so yeah…

      The operator team might change widely depend if the part i order fit together, which i might get it next week. (Come on HLJ ship it already >.>)

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