SD EX-Standard RX-78-2 Gundam Review

When SD EX-Standard first announce, alot of people very hype for it since this new lineup use similar proportion as FW Gundam Converge but come in Gunpla form but then the hype kinda die off when picture of the out of the box build began to surface around the internet which make alot of them…

Hako Vision Mobile Suit Gundam

Firstly, it been awhile that i have update in this blog since i been busy with my year end semester assignments and speeding up my Kampfer for this year Malaysian Mid-year contest. With that said, here something neat that can be used with your smartphone, The Hako Vision projector gundam ver!

SD Legend BB Senshi Command Gundam

Change of pace from my Nu gundam project that now it finally finish and while still waiting for some supplies for the next ones. I decide to repaint this SD Command Gundam which have been sitting in my shelf collecting dust to paint up the detail it deserve.

HG Age-2J Triple Bullet

To celebrate the first post of this blog, i will be showing Age-2J Triple Bullet which was my first kitbash which was combination of Age-2 Normal, Double Bullet and Beginning Gundam J (I will call them N, DB, J respectively). This idea was all began when i reading along GundamGuy posts to find some inspirations…