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Dockyard Akizuki (Wave 1/350 Akizuki 1944 ver)


The project started for like 2 years ago but i pretty much squeeze alot in a month now it finally done!

The Idea

From SteelNavy

To date this is the most expensive project that i have done and have been changed twice over the years, firstly is to do a dock and castle scene that inspired with the World of Warships dock and Kostas Katseas work on the 1/350 Fuso

However this idea got axed after considering the composition and size required to make it happen and i really don’t much have space to begin when considering the numbers in my backlog stash

(The reference for this project, Kagero 3D Drawings for Akizuki and ModelArt Vessel Model Special No.64 2017 Summer)

Thus i decide to make a drydock scene

The build

When the project started 2 years ago, finding the 1/350 Akizuki kit is a major pain in the arse since Monochrome have been long discounted this kit and the only way i can find it is from Japan Yahoo auction and that require proxy service which can get expensive after all the fees is added. I can only find the 1942 ver and have try to convert it to 1944 ver since the former abit sparse for my liking.

Then suddenly Wave came out with their 1/350 Akizuki which basically re-release of the Monochrome kit but have parts to built either 1942 or 1944 ver. Thus all progress on the project stopped for quite a while but i do stock up a few aftermarket parts for the project such as Photo-etch, decal and figure in the meantime.


It was not until April this year that i began to make a serious effort to finish the project in conjunction with the 1/200 Akizuki mainly to complete the Akizuki collection.

(Before and after the PEs treatment)

Starting off with adding photo-etch from Big Blue Boy set and my god it can be frustrating even with a larger scale. God knows how some people able to do the same level of detail in 1/700 scale.

Tackle the turrets first is abit of mistake since i find that the hardest of them all since try to line up the handlebar(?) can be tricky but most of the come out alright but not as clean i want it to be. Same problem with the tower.

(Just for fun, the turret is about the same size as the Nendoroid ones)

(Comparing to Akizuki 3D drawing from Kagero book)

Next up the 9 meter launches boat which atleast i only have to built one since 14 PEs on a single boat for it abit excessive. Lastly the superstructure which a breeze compare to previous attempt as i have get the hang of it at the end.

Then hit the paints for the hull and the completed parts so far. Initial using the Mr.Color 32 Dark Grey 2 however i run out of it since i use up for the 1/200 ones. Lucky i found a IJN paint set to cover that part.

As for the dock, at first i try to make it out of polystyrene sheet but i really not happy with the outcome. Later i found a Drydock resin set by SSN Modellbau and buy a few pieces necessary for the project. In hindsight i should get atleast the Basic set so atleast it would make my life easier later on.

When build up the dry dock pieces and encountering a few problem with alignment where one of them is bend quite abit. Try to straight it out with hot water but no avail since it too big. Lucky i bought extra that not as bend and require a few epoxy putty at the joint to straight it out. During this time i ordered a custom build case but it abit big that i anticipated. Should double check the measurements but eh. Later i decide to build the end piece of the dock so it won’t look odd with alot of empty space at the side. Then alot of filling to be had for the gaps and the outer line of dock tracks.

 (and yes even the docks have PEs!)

Back to the ship, the Photo-etch madness still continues with building and painting the Type 22 and 13 radar and other minor parts of the ship.

It took me 2 attempts to handpainted the linoleum line as i not happy with freehand it since it look inconsistent and the newer tape strip out the paint when removed. Using older tape solves this thankfully.

After most of the parts attached. It time to do the rigging based from the 1/200 blueprint from the Akizuki book and WoWS model with 0.10mm metal wire from ModelKasten. Also put up the signal flags which also based from WoWS.

After that, it painting the figure. While i have the pre-painted ones, that don’t have much pose variety so come the Fujimi 1/350 IJN Seaman 2 (Working Clothes) to fill in a few places. Then the ship get weathered from AK wash and with that the ship is done!

As with the dock, i use rattle can for painting this since it way too big and time consuming to airbrush it.

After that it time to handpaint the port accessories such as trucks, train, and boxes. Scratchbuild the gangway using Styrene channel and railing since the included one are not long enough. Finally the whole thing is sprayed with a matt topcoat.

The paints used in this project:
– Mr.Color IJN Arsenal Color SC03 Hull Color/ Maizuru
– Mr.Color 29 Hull Red
– Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown
– Warpaints Bright Gold
– Warpaints Matt Black

– Nippon Paint Pylox Lazer Light Grey
– Warpaints Monster Brown – Wood plank

– Mr.Color 43 Wood Brown
– Warpaints Monster Brown + Matt White – Canvas Cover
– Warpaints Matt Black

– Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Big Box
– Warpaints Monster Brown – Smaller Box

– Warpaints Matt Black – Locomotive
– Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Carriage

– Warpaints Matt White
– Warpaints Barbarian Flesh
– Warpaints Matt Black

– AK 302 Wash For Grey Decks
– AK 301 Dark Wash for Wood Decks
– Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (Brown)

Topcoat with Mr.Hobby Mr.Super Clear Matt

and the part list for the project are…

  • 1/350 Akizuki x2
  • Big Blue Boy 35047 1/350 IJN Destroyer Akizuki 1942 Detail Set for Mono Chrome
  • 1/350 IJN Signal Flags of Fleet Formation and Movement by Rainbow Models
  • 1/350 IJN Signal Flags of Ship Name  by Rainbow Models
  • 1/350 IJN Radar (Type 13/21/22)  by Rainbow Models
  • Steel Gray Super Extra-Fine Chain (55cm) by Trumpeter
  • Nano Dread 1/350 IJN Type 96 25mm Machine Gun Triple Mount by Fine Molds
  • Nano Dread 1/350 IJN Type 96 25mm Machine Gun Single Mount by Fine Molds
  • 1/350 IJN Naval Ship Crew (Summer Service Uniform) (Painted) by Fujimi
  • 1/350 IJN Seaman 2 (Working Clothes) by Fujimi
  • 1/350 Metal Rigging 0.3 by Modelkasten
  • Drydock by SSN Modellbau (Drydock Extension x 3 + Dock Gate)
  • Ship Name Plate: IJN Akizuki-Class Destroyer Akizuki by Fujimi
  • L’Arsenal Models 1/350 LOCOMOTIVE & WAGONS (CARS) Resin Set
  • L’Arsenal Models 1/350 JAPANESE ISUZU TYPE 97 TRUCK SET (9) Resin Set
  • L’Arsenal Models 1/350 ASSORTED BOXES Resin Set
  • Styrene channel 2.5mm x 35cm  by Evergreen
  • 1/350 IJN Railing Set by MK1 Design

The Result

Off the base

Thus the Akizuki collection is completed!
Compare with 1/200, 1/700, 1/1000, 1/2000 and ChibiMaru

Also one last thing. I do wonder whose idea put a Japan Coast Guard decal for Akizuki in the Monochrome package.

Note to self: I really need to organize WIP better in the future…


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