Misc, Scale Kit, WIP

Fujimi Chibimaru Mogami


Building another chibimaru kit but this time with abit of madness of adding photoetch parts because Fujimi is mad!

The Box

The Build

The build itself is quite simple with no major problem during the assembling phase however when came to PE is where i stumble abit since some plastic part have to be removed or sanded to make space for the PE parts to fit plus they quite stiff so require alot of force to bend them. In term of size of the PEs from what i can tell from the railings is similar to 1/700 scale. I lost some of them but those are minor and i bet most people would not notice it.

As for painting the ships, here are the list:

  • Tamiya XF-75 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) – Hull
  • Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Deck
  • MR-Color 124 Dark Green (Mitsubishi) – Plane
  • MR.Color 29 Hull Red – Waterline hull
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints GunMetal
  • Warpaints Matt White – Gun sleves
  • Warpaints Greed Gold – Propeler

At first i just want to build the ship and stop there but then get the idea of having a small dio that show it was a RC ship and have a person take a picture of them. The base frame is from a mini Zen garden kit and use 1/350 dock piece is from Battlefleet Models. The figure i use are MAIM 1/35 European Civilian: Tramcar Passenger No.6 (1 figure), Bravo 6 1/35 US Photographer NAM and Black Army Models Boy with RC’s.

(I use Sea Water Sheet from Tomytec for the water)

As for painting the dock part, i only use Nippon paint Pylox Lazer Grey. For the figures, i use these instead:

  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints GunMetal – Camera
  • Warpaints Tanned Flesh + Warpaints Barbarian Flesh – Skin
  • Warpaints Deep Blue
  • Warpaints Leather Brown
  • Warpaints Army Green
  • Warpaints Strong Tone

The Result

(The base with Chibimaru Akizuki)


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