Dust Tactics Revised Core Set


To those who follow the blog FB page will know that i recently got this set for a long while as my introduction to tabletop gaming and also it related to WW2 which the part of history that i like the most with some crazy design put into the mix. This revised core set is basically a starter set to this game which include anything that you need to play a small scale game with 2 army which is the Allies and the Axis. There will be a new starter set coming soon at the end of this month that come with new ruleset and dices but each army is separated and smaller in comparison to this.

(Here all of them completely painted)

The thing that attract me to this than Warhammer 40k (Which i might join as Imperial Guard) is that it completely pre-assembled and base coated which represent each faction (Green is Allies, Grey is Axis and Tan-ish for SSU) which can be very attractive to those who don’t have a alot of spare time and the game is pretty quick but that might because i only lay smaller scale games. Also cheaper cost help too.


(The Allies Hero in this set “Rhino” with The Hammer at his back which only armed with ROCKET PUNCH!)

(Hell Boys, close quarter specialist squad)

(Damage Dealers which is a all rounder unit)

(Light Walker Blackhawk which in my opinion is crappy walker ingame because of it short range weapon)


(Lara represent the Hero in Axis side which she armed with quad MG 44!)

(Strumpioniere which are more to assault the enemy position with panzerfaust to deal with walker and powersuit infantry)

(Heavy Laser Grenadier which is as it said on the tin, armed with heavy laser that can defeat walker easily if got a good roll)

(Heavy Flak Grenadier which more for fighting aircraft and infantry than armor.)

Lastly was Light Walker Hans which is more capable than Blackhawk and compatible with other Axis light walker weaponry)

From what i experience after a few matches is that the Allies have a harder time to win since they really need to get up close and personal to make full use of their firepower while the Axis just can stay back and shoot and have 2 heavy armor infantry instead of 1 in the Allies but most of the mission is having the Axis to attack with limited round which can be advantageous to the Allies if play his card right.

A week later, i bought these:

A medium walker (which really a Sturt chassis with Sherman turret), Grim Reapers and Ranger Command Squad. While the Axis got Medium walker and Battle Grenadier. I bought these so the Allies have much better chance on winning. The only missing puzzle is the Command squad for the Axis as it was out of stock here.

Only able to paint the Battle Grenadier at the time of writing this.

Here the unpainted ones.
(Ludwing, one of the variants of the Axis medium walker)

(Grim Reapers to balance out the Axis Heavy infantry)

(Ranger Command Squad aka The Boss which have powerful abilities if you got a good roll that is)

At this time i considering prioritize the Axis units as it look cool especially the Horten jets but also tempted get the SSU since you can made air cavalry army since they have plenty of helicopters.

Also before i forget, this blog now is 1 year old! Hope can still be active for the next year!


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