AK Title2

Continued the naval subject streak, today is abit of a rare kit from the 80s that come in huge size!

Bit of History and the Box

This is part of the Identical Scale Series by Nichimo which is one of first Japan model kit manufacturer beside Fujimi and Bandai that close down in 2013 even tho they have not release a kit since the 80s.

This series from what i gather mainly come with RC motor to play around in the pool which mean it come in rather large scale like 1/500 to 1/200. They do produce many type of kits during their heyday which you can see here.

As you can see, the box certainly have seen better days! There a better box cover of this but i guess this one include a stand for it but missing the RC parts. As for details, well there alot of missing details but considering it was from the 80s it not that bad and still parts fit quite nicely.

The build

I purchase this kit from Yahoo auction last year for quite a hefty amount (proxy fee certainly don’t help!) from another modeler i assume since it half build and included a 1/500 Hiryuu kit that i don’t know what to do with it.

(The status of the kit out of the box)

(After assembling major ship structure)

(Compare to your household cat)

The plan is really just to build out of the box-ish with just added railing by Aber. Also a good test piece for using AK weathering set since i have not used these product on a ship. Most of the painting take place at a local hobby store since i pretty sure my air compressor would be dead trying to cover this huge hull!

(Comparing to Wave 1/350 Akizuki)

The paints used in this project:
Mr.Primer Surfacer 1000
Mr.Color 32 Dark Grey 2 – Hull
Mr.Color 29 Hull Red
Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Deck
Warpaints Matt Black
Warpaints Barbarian Flesh + Leather Brown
Warpaints Bright Gold – Propeller
Warpaints Matt White

Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color (Brown)
AK 301 Naval Dark Wash for Wood Deck
AK 302 Naval Wash for Grey Deck
AK 306 Naval Salt Streak for Ships

(After applying the weathering)

(Rigging using Modelkasten 0.10mm metal wire)

The Result
AK Title _DSC6193

_DSC6198 _DSC6188

_DSC6192 _DSC6191

_DSC6202 _DSC6199

_DSC6203 _DSC6204

_DSC6205 _DSC6206

(Compare to 1/350 Typhoon sub and I-400)

Rest of the photos can be found at my Flickr.