Builders Parts HD: MS Vernier 01 (1/100 & 1/144) Review


This is one of the products from the new Builders Parts HD line as Bandai promoting more on modding recently and help new builders to improve their kit looks. I have both 1/100 and 1/144 scale to see how much it fit to most MG and HG that i have in my disposal.

(From Left, 1/100 vernier, 1/144 vernier)


It have 4 runner (half of them is a copy) that included 4 design with each of them come in 4 confusing is it XD. Instruction is the same for both and pretty much straightforward as these only compose of 3 parts with exception of the ring type (4 parts) which are the thrusters, inner part and connector to connect to the kit which you might have to cement/glue in place. It also compatible with 1/100 / 1/144 MS Effect 01 under the same line.


There also a connection on the A & B runner that you can combine/separate which might be indicating that Bandai will mix and match them with future release of these vernier.

(From Left, 1/100 vernier, 1/144 vernier)

They look (almost) the same but their some difference as you can tell that 1/100 connector have a flat surface and can swivel which the 1/144 can’t do but according to it’s instruction, you need to cut the ^ shape at the connector to make the flat surface. Also if you planning to paint these it advisable to paint it first before putting them together as it pretty hard to remove the inner part unless you smack them or have a small rod that can poke from the hole above the thrusters which all have except the Ring type.


Ring Type

This was the most interesting out of the 4 design they provided as i like the the details and how it looks different than any other thrusters on any kits. There a difference in design between the two size as you can see as the 1/100 have the opening between the ring while the 1/144 don’t have it which might be because of design size constraints or it will be fragile in that size. I also provided my estimation size for each of them if you wondering will it fit on your kits.

1/100 Dimension
Height without connector: 14mm
Height with connector: 17mm
Widest Diameter: 9mm
Smallest Diameter: 4.5mm

1/144 Dimension
Height without connector: 12mm
Height with connector: 15mm
Widest Diameter: 7.5mm
Smallest Diameter: 4mm

Flap Type

Also one of the interesting design from their offering.

1/100 Dimension:
Height without connector: 14mm
Height with connector: 18mm
Widest Diameter: 11mm
Smallest Diameter: 5mm

1/144 Dimension
Height without connector: 11.5mm
Height with connector: 15mm
Widest Diameter: 8.5mm
Smallest Diameter: 4mm

Cone Type 1 & 2

This pretty much the standard design thrusters you get on almost any kit (but much bigger) but the difference is that it include 2 different details inside them.

1/100 Dimension
Height without connector:  13.5mm
Height with connector: 11mm
Widest Diameter: 11mm
Smallest Diameter: 4mm

1/144 Dimension
Height without connector: 9mm
Height with connector: 12mm
Widest Diameter: 8mm
Smallest Diameter: 4mm

Now for some test on my kits.


(HG Jesta & MG Heavyarms EW, from Left, 1/100 vernier, 1/144 vernier)


(HG G-Bouncer, 1/144 on the backpack side and 1/100 in the middle)

(1/100 with HG Kshatriya thrusters binder)


(MG Unicorn leg thrusters, top is 1/100, Bottom is 1/144)

(All 1/100 on MG Banshee backpack)

I find that 1/100 ones more fitting for like big MG like Sinanju, Unicorn and Nu Gundam ver KA while it look oversize for my taste on standard MG 18cm gundams so you might consider getting the 1/144 instead especially if it on the tight space like the unicorn back leg and also another thing to consider is getting a modeler saw to cut out the thrusters peg before glue it together which is what i done to my Byarlant Custom (which it’s write up coming soon as soon i fix the frosting >.>) so that it won’t look like it oddly sticking out like a sore thumb and won’t gouge the plastic much as when using nippers plus prevent nipper from lose it sharpness.


Is good that Bandai helping people to personalize their kits and make it easily available for everyone to find as shop that carrying Gundam kits most likely have these available. The price i feel is affordable even tho price varies between stores as i find on 1/100 can be from RM 22 to 26 while 1/144 from RM 19 to 22. Since this just the first in the line, expect to have more variation in the future.


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