_DSC3843 From the sea to the air, we look to another blueprint plane from Imperial Japan which is the Nakajima G10N Fugaku (Old name for Mount Fuji) where the model kit is made by Fujimi.


Just like the Germans with their “Amerika Bomber” program, Imperial Japan also have a similar program called Project Z with the aim to strike fear into the cities in North America. The program started in 1942 and the specification for the program is quite ambitious where the bombers would able to reach most United States cities from northern-based Kuril Islands airfields and able to carry on flying to Europe where they will be rearm and refuel in German territory. 3 design were presented which are the Nakajima G10N, Kawasaki Ki-91, and Nakajima G5N. Only the G5N able to reach prototype stage before the program was cancelled in 1944 as the war is not the favour for Imperial Japan. For the G10N Fugaku itself, it basically like a super sized US B-29 bomber. It powered by 6 engines in contra-rotating props configuration. Armaments varies depend on the sources where the planned bomb load are between 5,000 – 20,000 kg and armed with 4x 20mm Type 99 cannon to 8x 20mm cannon.

Military Factory

The box

As with Fujimi box tradition, it have the illustration of the subject which i guess using watercolor. The title and most of the box description are in Japanese. _DSC3799
The box is quite wide (40.5 x 26.5 x 7.2 cm / 522g)

_DSC3800 _DSC3801


The box consists of 7 runner, a manual and a decal. My first reaction with the runner is “Was this really a 2014 kit ?” since the runner pieces layout is quite rough and don’t have that runner frame that we all know of. Also it quite hard to handle them especially the propeller runner where they are easily knock off from the runner since it only have a single point of contact.

(The two piece fuselage)

_DSC3790 (Wing runner)

(Engine, Base, Internal details, propeller runner)

_DSC3794 (Another propeller runner)

(Landing gear, bay doors and minor details runner)

_DSC3792 (Vertical and Horizontal stabilizer)

(Glass Cockpit and windows runner)

_DSC3796 _DSC3797
(The instruction manual, it folded out to the side and mostly in Japanese)

(The decals)

There are some options that is provided which are two choice of propeller which are either 4 blade contra-rotating or single six blade props. You also get an option to have internal bay doors and engine cowling(?) open or closed with landing gear options.

The Build

_DSC3806 The build was quite straightforward actually but the main annoyance that i have was that fuselage and the wing have pegs which is more of hindrance than helping since some just not even align properly, pegs too tight or too loose which i end up just cut out almost all of it to get them align as they should.

The fuselage is most problematic of the build for me since you need drill two holes for the turret guns which you have to guess where to drill if you close the fuselage up. Somehow i have a hard time removing the seamlines as it require me 6 try of Tamiya putty to plug up the hole that keep showing up each time i sand the darn thing!


_DSC3809 (More sanding)

(More bloody sanding!)


Also i forget to put nose weight but since i want to put on the base, it not a big concern for me. Anyway, i decided screw it and do the 6 blade & 4 blade contra-rotating config because why not and use all the landing gear and open up one of the bomb bay doors.

The paint used on this build:
Modo MK-12 Black Surfacer
Mr.Color 337 Grayish Blue FS35237 – Lower fuselage
Mr.Color 15 IJN Green (Nakajima) (RIP) – Upper fuselage
Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Propeller
Citadel Technical Waystone Green – Inner bays
Warpaints Matt Black – Tyres and other bits
Warpaints Gunmetal – Silvery bits
Warpaints Daemonic Yellow
Warpaints Strong Tone – Wash

_DSC3814 (Priming)

(Upper fuselage painting)

_DSC3820 (Initial masking)

(Lower fuselage painting)

_DSC3822 (Painting internal details)

(decaling all the props!)

(The plane all decaled up)

The Result

[Wingspan: 45cm, Length: 32cm]

_DSC3845 _DSC3846

_DSC3847 _DSC3848

_DSC3850 _DSC3851

_DSC3852 _DSC3849
(The provided stand, quite woobly if you use it tho)

_DSC3854 _DSC3856
(Compare to standard 1/144 HG Gunpla kit)

(Compare to 1/72 Kayaba Ku-4 [Left] & 1/48 Zero [Right])

(LBAS in action!)

As this is a blueprint aircraft, there alot of rendition around the web with different engine, cockpit and such but i like the look of this Fujimi rendition of this aircraft as i aware the Anigrand resin ver of this aircraft was quite different in some areas.

Still this is an another interesting “what if” from Japan side of thing but still the chance of it even functional as the spec role given from the program is quite minimal given the history of their problem with engine power.