Scale Kit, WIP

1/700 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi & Kaga Diorama

After a lot of cursing to the carpet monster and super small parts (I looking at you at you planes!) the carriers is ready to be deployed!. This is my first completed ship kit but i have started do other sea subject in the pass like 1/350 IJN I-400 Submarine and 1/350 USS Independence LCS-2 which i have been under-motivated to finish them. Both carriers is from Fujimi.

I always interested with aircraft carriers as they look so cool with planes launching from them and in fact that my first ever kit was a motorized USS Enterprise when i was 7 year old which i pretty much demolish it back then. Admittedly, one of the reason i build these two because i want it to go with Nendoroid Akagi & Kaga from Kantai Collection which is a very popular game in Japan right now where WW2 ships become girls because Japan of course!

The Build

This pretty much OOB work since i still not use to work with PE parts especially with 1/700 where even the plastic parts is already hard enough to stick on each other. There are some parts that i need to scratch build since they missing during the building process like telescope and one of the support beams.

The paints that i use for this project are:

  • Mr.Color 32 Dark Gray (2) – Ship hull
  • Tamiya XF-57 Buff – Small boats
  • Tamiya XF-12 J.N Grey – Planes
  • Warpaints Gunmetal – Planes
  • Warpaints Matt Black – Planes
  • Warpaints Matt White – Small details
  • Warpaints Dragon Red – Bottom hull

One of things that puzzle me about these two Fujimi kit is that both have different instruction layout despite being release a year apart (i think) where Akagi manual is view from the top to down while Kaga manual use the standard book flip view. Decal layout also differ between the two kit especially the decal for aircraft where Akagi ones have a white outline which not exist on the other and Akagi deck decal is all in one piece which don’t even reach each end of the deck (but that might be because i cut it in smaller pieces for easier decaling) while Kaga deck decal come in smaller pieces right of the bat.

As for the diorama, i just use the corkboard that i get from local Daiso which good enough to fit all of them. First i paint it with dark blue with black for the frame and then use aquarium silicon sealant for the wave texture with Warpaints Matt White to highlight it.


With their respective character from Kantai Collection

IJN Fleet Carrier Akagi

IJN Fleet Carrier Kaga


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