RMAF SU-50MKM (1/72 T-50 PAK-FA)

This kit have been in the backburner for quite sometime since April of last year because of the burnout. That end the latter of last month in the everlasting effort of keep up with my building to buying ratio (buying is still on the high side!)

Modeling Support Goods Weapon Unit 36. Missile & Radome

Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) weapons have been a common addition for those who want to customize their gunpla especially how varies the lineup is. Even tho Bandai have it own under the Builder Parts series, most of the offering is still limited to Gundam universe theme which was not as wacky or versatile as the…

SD EX-Standard Exia Gundam Review

Now moving to 3rd of the SD EX-Standard lineup, Gundam Exia! The most choppy-choppy lead MS of them all. If you want to know what i think about SD EX-Standard overall, you can refer to the SD EX-Standard RX-78-2 Gundam Review.