Scale Kit, WIP

Tamiya 1/35 M3 Stuart Lawson ver

As i working on a ship and the PE’s certainly have bogged me down quite a while. Have to do something simple and relative quick to get me motivated again. Then i came across a certain 3 koma.

The Build


By Ido
Translated ver

Idea came about when i found this 3 koma in my Facebook timeline. This picture came about since there an ongoing collaboration between Kancolle and Lawson in Japan with alot of merchandise for the fans to buy.

Lawson x Kancolle Collab website

Kit for this idea is the newly release M3 Stuart Late Production by Tamiya which is a new tooling from what i can tell. As with most Tamiya kits, it easy to assemble with barely any complication on it.

(Before and After)

Painting phase where it got complicated. To make the white lines, i decide to prime the whole kit white and mask the line using 0.7mm masking tape. What make this step hard mainly because there a lot of surface detail at the front that would lift the tape despite how many times i try to flatten them, not so much on the rear tho. Some of it have to be fixed via handbrushing as some area leaked through.

Here the list of paint i use for this Stuart:

  • Modo MK-13 White Surfacer – Priming/ White lines
  • Gaianotes 004 Ultra Blue + Mr Color 116 RLM66 Black Gray (20%) – Main Color
  • Warpaints Dragon Red
  • Warpaints Leather Brown
  • Warpaints Gun Metal
  • Warpaints Matt White
  • Warpaints Matt Black

The red buoy (the red thing on the hull side) at first doing with homemade decal but it don’t work with dark background since it slightly transparent which make it way darker than i wanted. End up just handpaint them up the best i can, same with the white text at the side of the turret (ベーイ basically mean Bay).

As for the base, i just got a cork board from Daiso and print the artwork on a piece of paper.

The Result

This whole built took me 2 weeks from assembling to painting. Now just need to continue working on the 1/350 Gambier Bay….


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