It been a while that i actually do a OOB review mainly i can’t stop customize them in someway. However i can’t resist these newest product from Bandai with cats that make it easy to do combination for all kind of silly things.

The whole Neko Busou (Literally mean Cat Armament/Weapon) thing started as a April Fool joke for this year and they getting a good reaction out of it that they decide to green lit it for production.

The box


I bought these from HobbyLink Japan among other things. The first wave of Neko Busou release a pack of 4 small set called Namimori and one big set called Tenkomori. Note for the 4 small set, while you can purchase one box from the site, you can’t choose which so i have to buy the 2 set box to guarantee to get all 4 of them.

(The 2 set box)

(Certainly look like something you find on the front shop counter)

So first we look at the Namimori set boxes. All of the cats are pre-painted and assembly is quick and easy* with no glue require. Just need the usual plastic nipper and hobby knife for this kit.

The instruction are printed on box inside so be careful when tearing up the box. Not really a fan of these type of instruction as it hard to make out the connector direction as it quite dark to make out.

Sometimes they do call out the type of connector to use (A & B type) but you do have to think abit which hole connector to use. Luckily all the pegs are the same size so you don’t have to worry about the pegs not fitting.

Thankfully, Bandai do provided a better pictorial instruction from their website which is much clearer since it’s in color plus there additional instruction for the other combination that is not provided in the box. Neko Busou Assembly page

Each of them provide instruction for 3 combination, standalone without the cat and 2 cat combination

Set A: Grey: The fastest learner of weapons use. Prepares the food at gatherings and takes photos. Comes with a launcher mecha set.

Set B: Shiro (White): Uses weapons to fly through the air. Gives the other cats massages. Comes with a heli-mecha set.

Set C: Chatora (Orange Tabby): Uses weapons to move around with crawlers and floats around in drones. Comes with a tank mecha set.

Set D: Kuro (Black): Surprises people in the neighborhood with his new ways of using weapons. Is highly motivated. Comes with a jet mecha set.

Now we go to the bigger set, the Tenkomori which have all the parts from the Namimori set (sans the individual cats and their housing) plus twin rocket pods and come in green parts and black connectors. This what Bandai have to say on this one:

This set’s featured kitty is named “Kutsushita” (Socks), a black and white cat in a standing pose who is described as getting sleepy when he feels the heat of a motor. He’s probably somebody’s pet.

(There should be 4 F-1 runner instead of 3, just forget to put it here)

(Get paper manual for this instead)

The Result

Set A

Set B

(Keep in mind the different size slot when put on the bar)

Set C

(Even the underside is well detailed)

Set D

Vacuum cats edition!

Combination A+B _DSC7191_DSC7192

Combination C+D _DSC7193_DSC7194


Combination A+B _DSC7199

Combination C+D _DSC7197


Because of it universal connectors on these kit, you can make up any combination you want as long it fits. Here some example i found from Twitter




‏Inspired by that gattai cat, i decide to make my own!

(Compare to the Nendoroid and HG Zaku II Origin)

Highly recommended these just for it silliness alone and it combination possibilities!

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