Up to a bigger scale ship again and this time to something that is not that popular, the early JMSDF ships thanks to Pitroad.



DD-161 Akizuki is a domestically build destroyer that is constructed under the US OSP (Offshore Procurement). Designed as a pair of flotilla leaders for JMSDF at the time with enhanced command and control capability plus have both capability of Ayanami (ASW) and Murasame (AA) class that preceded her. Making her displacement over 2000 tons.

Her main guns are 3 x 5″/54 caliber Mk.16 guns (supposedly from Midway class carriers) plus 4 × 3″/50 caliber Mk.22 guns to supplement her AA duties. For ASW role, initially come with 2 x hedgehog, a Mark 108 ASW rocket launcher, 2 x Mk.2 ASW torpedo racks and 2 × Depth charge racks. These are later replace with a Type 71 375 mm quadruple ASW rocket launcher (Japanese version of the Swedish M/50), 2 x Mk32 Surface-Vessel Torpedo tubes and a OQA-1b Variable depth sonar. Also have a bank a quad 21″ torpedoes with reloads.

Her design featuring a long forecastle with inclined afterdeck called Holland slope (Oranda-Zaka) named after the scenic sloping street in Nagasaki City. The hull enlargement make it possible for 50% increase in power and complement compare to previous class.

Akizuki laud down on 31st July 1958, launched on 26th June 1959 and entered service on 7th February 1969 to become the flagship of the fleet. Served for 23 years until she was reclassified as an auxiliary ship (ASU-7010) on 27th March 1993 and decommissioned on 7th December 1993. The only other sister ship is Teruzuki.

Naval Analyses

The kit


This is the second ver of the kit where it contain parts to make the improved ver of this Akizuki, mainly the towed sonar and new quadruple ASW launcher , Type 71 375 mm.


The kit is a full hull kit even tho you could make it waterline since they come is separate pieces just there not bottom cover for it and i find the provided stand is not that great to actually hold the ship.

To supplement the build details, i bought the Pitroad PE set for this kit however it is for the initial ver so some additional railing is require to cover some part.

(Compare to the plastic radar mast)


The hardest part of the build is the PE radar which somehow i able to build since it require bending the radar mast and attach 11 small PEs behind it!

_DSC5272 _DSC5293_DSC5304_DSC5308 _DSC5310_DSC5312 There are some drilling require on the deck to attach some parts and one require to make a square hole to hold the towed sonar even tho you could just sand down the connector since it not that hard to align it.

_DSC5760_DSC5762 DR08xPkUIAAvJzd

The deck is initial colored with Tamiya Light Grey and masked the hell out of it which is all for nothing since somehow paint go through the masking and i find it too dark so i end up hand painted the entire deck with Warpaints Ash Grey.

_DSC6834 Also here the rest of the paint used on this ship:

Mr.Primer Surfacer 1000
Mr.Color 306 Gray FS36270 – Hull
Mr.Color 29 Hull Red
Mr.Color 71 Midnight Blue – Waterline
Warpaints Ash Grey – Deck
Warpaints Matt White
Warpaints Dragon Red – Signal light, Lifebuoys
Warpaints Army Green – Signal light
Warpaints Matt White + Daemonic Yellow – Reel
Warpaints Bright Gold – Propeller

There not much rigging for this kit or atleast what i can find on the web. Anyway i use the Modelkasten 0.10mm metal line rigging.

The Result _DSC6815_DSC6816 _DSC6817_DSC6819 _DSC6820_DSC6822 _DSC6824_DSC6832
(Compare to 1/350 IJN Akizuki)


And with that i completed the Akizuki collection!

Well unless someone release the plastic kit of DD-115 Akizuki in 1/350 scale since the resin kit is certainly out of my paycheck.