After the previous exhausting project, i decide to get to a easier project next before i do another ship kit. Also do something sillier based from a previous project a few years ago.

The Build

The idea suddenly pop out when looking in my decal box and see an extra decal sheet from the Nissan GTR itasha project and decide to do something with it since i doubt i can sell it anyway.


I don’t know how this goes to Shilka but probably to do it turret that somewhat similar with the Akizuki turret.

Dd-d_htVMAEoD8J Dd-d94JUwAAz1uK
(Interior painting)

Dd6XHTHU8AA97w0 _DSC6350_DSC6351 _DSC6354

As expected from it’s reputation, i find it easy to build even tho in some part of the instruction i find it confusing on part placement and apparently there 4(?) variation which sometimes not clear cut. However there one thing i hate the most and it’s the tracks!

Tracks2 Deg0e33VwAEV78w

While it workable and no glue needed to assemble but i found it very fragile and can easily brake the link which can be frustrating when it come to assemble it on the vehicle.

_DSC6370 G1 G2

Also the second hardest part of this build is the gun mount since it can be tricky to line it up and attaching the vinyl cable can be frustrating since it look like they should snug in the plastic part looking at the instruction but in practice it don’t or it might require to much force to do it.

_DSC6393 As for the paints, it quite straight forward with mainly grey.

    • Mr.Hobby Mr.Primer Surfacer 1000 – Radar
  • Mr.Color IJN Arsenal Color SC02 Hull Color/ Sasebo
  • Mr.Color 28 Steel – Tracks
  • Mr.Color 43 Wood Brown – Russian Log™
  • Mr.Color 124 Dark Green (Mitsubishi) – Gun Interior
  • Warpaints Bright Gold – Ammo
  • Warpaints Strong Tone
  • Mr.Hobby Mr.Super Clear Matt

Driver Interior

    • Modo MK-13 White Surfacer
  • Mr.Color 337  Grayish Blue FS35237
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Matt White
  • Warpaints Dragon Red
  • Warpaints Daemonic Yellow
  • Warpaints Gunmetal


As for the decal, most of it use the aforementioned decal from that project. Only the eyes i need to add. Since Samueldecal no longer take custom decal order, it time to homemade them. I use a Canon PIXMA E470 and a normal decal paper and while the print quality is not perfect, it serviceable for my use. Then paint white box at where the eyes would be and then try to lineup the decal with it. It took me 3 tries to get it right since this decal paper seem to be very finicky to move and if it curl up, it impossible to uncurl it.

The Result

_DSC6378 _DSC6379

_DSC6380 _DSC6381

_DSC6382 _DSC6383

_DSC6385 _DSC6387

_DSC6388 _DSC6389

_DSC6390 (Compare to Type 10) _DSC6392
(Compare to Typhoon APC)