T-72 Title

Now back on land and with bigger scale, it time for abit of odd camo from the Russian Tank Biathlon!

The build

Firstly there not really much choice T-72B3 with only Trumpeter and Meng that i know have that specific model but i use the Mod 1990 mainly because it available on my local hobby shop and it look close enough anyway to B3.

(Before the PEs)

(After alot of eye twitching later)

I have not much problem building it except when it come to Photo-etch since there alot to apply if you decide to use all the slip disc(?) especially the turret. However the most problematic for me is the log holder at the rear of the tank since it quite finicky to assemble and can easily rip off thanks to small surface area of the mounts.

(All parts assembled)

Oh and this one missing the parts number for some reason



For tracks, the plan was to replace the stock tracks with Trumpeter workable track but somehow a certain online shop give the non-workable ones instead. Since i can’t be arse to ask them for replacement, i use it anyway since it nicer looking and don’t need to assemble the track horn on each of them!


As for the camo i refer to this specific camo from this 2016 regional stage mainly because i like the blue color but i want other color to mix in.

_DSC6227 Here the list of the paint used for the tank:
Modo MK-13 White Surfacer – Camo
Mr.Color 34 Sky Blue – Camo
Warpaints Matt Black – Camo
Tamiya XF-85 Olive Green – Lower hull
Mr.Color 28 Steel – Tracks
Warpaints Barbarian Flesh + Leather Brown – Log

AK Light Filter For Green Vehicles
AK Grey
AK Pigments European Earth

20180212_174536 20180305_003432 20180306_200602 20180307_224626 20180322_212438 20180324_110526

The Result

_DSC6214 _DSC6215 _DSC6216 _DSC6217 _DSC6218 _DSC6219 _DSC6221 _DSC6223

_DSC6224 _DSC6225

_DSC6231 (Compare to Type 10)

_DSC6232_DSC6234(Compare to IS-3)