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Aoshima 1/720 Graf Zeppelin Kancolle ver

Another post with a ship kit but this time looking at a kit that have a collab with a certain game.


Graf Zeppelin class carrier is Germany first attempt of having a carrier in their fleet as part of the Kriegsmarine ongoing process towards having a world class navy.

The initial plan was to complete 4 carriers by 1945 but later scale down to 2 carriers by 1939.  The construction of Graf Zeppelin (FlugzeugtrƤger A) started in 28 December 1936 by Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel. When the war broke out in 1939 with the invasion of Poland, the carrier about 3/4 complete. However, shifting priorities to U-boat production and Kriegsmarine poor surface fleet performance in Hitler eyes sealed the fate of Graf Zeppelin when Hitler ordered to halted all work to new surface ships and even those nearing completion, including Graf Zeppelin.

She was restricted in the Baltic seas ever since her launch and later scuttle near Stettin to prevent capture by the Soviets. The Soviets still able to resurface the ship which used as target practice and sunk in 16 August 1947. She was later discovered in July 2006 by a Polish oil company 55km away from Polish harbor town of Wladyslawowo, near Gdansk.

Even if she is completed, there are still many challenges to overcome as they essentially have to learn on the job. This is better explained by this video:

Specifications as built
Compliment(crew): 1,720 approx.
Length (Overall): 262.49 m
Beam (Width): 36.24 m
Draught (Height): 8.26 m
Surface Displacement: 34,100 tons
Speed: 33 knots (62 km/h)
Range: 7,999 nm (14,814 km)

16 x Sk 15cm (150mm) guns
12 x Flak 10.5cm (105mm) guns
22 x Flak 3.7cm (37mm) Anti-Aircraft guns
28 x Flak 2.0cm (20mm) guns

Air Wing (Proposed)
Capacity: 42 planes
30 x Navalized Ju 87s
12 x Navalized Bf 109s

Military Factory

The kit

Comparing to Tamiya Shinano box

As i alluded in the intro, this kit was part of ongoing collaboration with Kantai Collection which is a web game about shipgirls. The kit itself is the re-release of long discontinued Revell 1/720 kit. I aware that Trumpeter have release a new tooling of Graf Zeppelin and i tempted to replace this with that but i decide to push through since it almost complete anyway.

(Just 3 runner for the kit itself)

There are some addition and changes to the packaging to reflect with the collab such as the new box art,photo-etch part and decal plus a trading card, a display backdrop and rework manual.

(Closer look at the photo-etch runner)

(In book form and folded in two in box)

The build

(Comparing to Akagi)

Considering it’s age, it not that bad of a kit with good fit but some crudeness is certainly shown in some parts like the guns,ship superstructure and planes.

I want to know why you need to do this even tho i pretty sure they can produce that part

The kit’s photo-etch only supply parts for the radar and plane propeller so i purchase Tom Modelworks photo-etch set. I find Tom PE’s to be quite soft to my liking and can be easily warped so be careful when applying pressure to it and the manual i feel require some reworking to eliminate some ambiguity in it’s instruction. I also add in some railing on the superstructure using leftover from other projects.

This is also the first time i use the metal line rigging by Modelkasten as a practice for bigger project later on and so far i happy with the results.

Also this is the first time i see the manual giving instruction on rigging since certainly any Japan based manufacturer kit that i own don’t give this

As for painting, it abit a headscratcher espacially for the deck since there many variants of it. later i decide to just follow the Kancolle ver just because it easier to get my head around it.

The paints used in this project:
Graf Zeppelin
Mr.Color 333 Extra Dark Seagray BS381C/640 – Hull
Mr.Color 29 Hull Red
Mr.Color 116 RLM666 Black Gray – Waterline
Warpaints Leather Brown – Deck
Warpaints Bright Gold – Propeller
Warpaints Matt White – Boat hull/ Radome

Warpaints Deep Blue + Warpaints Ash Grey
Warpaints Deep Blue + Warpaints Uniform Grey
Warpaints Matt Black
Warpaints Gunmetal

Warpaints Army Green
Warpaints Army Green + Warpaints Matt Black
Warpaints Matt Black
Warpaints Gunmetal

Wash/ Topcoat
Warpaints Strong Tone
AK 301 Dark Wash for Wood Deck
Gaia Color 030 Semi Gloss Clear

The Result

With the Kancolle addition things

Here comparing with Fujimi 1/700 Kaga that i finish years ago, i find it interesting that the deck nearly at the same level despite Kaga is waterline kit.


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