Cobaanii Paint Rack D & G Review

While i already have the MODO Paint Bottle Stand for my paint bottle organization, after using it for some month i find it pretty annoying to check the content in a glance and sometimes it quite troublesome to get the jar from the back of the shelf so i decide to find those MDF paint rack that quite popular in the interwebs. I bought both of these from HobbyLink Japan.

In the box

The box is pretty huge and plain with just a product sticker on the front to indicate it’s content. All the parts and the manual come in a single plastic bag. The manual come with alot of text that i can’t read but the illustration is enough to give an idea on how to assemble it.

Paint Rack G

Paint Rack D

Sorting the parts require some time since there no numbering on them and the only indication of assembly is the arrow at the edge of some parts that show this side up.

Took me about 10 minutes to assemble it with white glue


The D ver is for the Tamiya or MR.Color 10ml bottle and can fit 40 bottles while the G ver have space for 39ml bottle droppers and 10 AK oil enamel bottles. Both of them is the same dimension which is 410mm wide, 100mm deep, and 287mm high.

The before and after comparison

Already it much more pleasing to the eye and everything on the rack is easily accessible. Just keep in mind that you load the bottle from the top and not push directly to the rack teeth(?). Also you could stack on top of each other and it quite stable but there no connection between them so maybe should get a double side tape to make sure it stay put.


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