Scale Kit, WIP

Takom 1/35 Typhoon K Poslaju ver

Basically i have way too much green stuff in my shelf and decide to do a concept that i want to do for a long time and finally i able to realize the idea.

The Idea


SR-71 White Bird

I pretty sure everyone at some point have seen that SR-71 Fedex and i been thinking doing something similar to that but i don’t want to use a plane for it. However there not much choice when it come to MRAP kit and not really keen on their designs before this kit release.

For those outside Malaysia, basically Poslaju is a branch of Pos Malaysia that provide Express Mail Service (EMS) for local dan international package in this country.

The Kit

The kit don’t have large part count for something this size (which you will see later) as they consist of 5 plastic runner, top hull, tires, a PE runner a decal.

The Build

There a few thing i notice when building this kit, one of them is there pinholes everywhere especially for large part and even some still have plastic bar on it which is annoying to deal with.

Then hit another snag. This time it part of suspension where it have an odd way to construct them by heating a flat surface to flatten the connection. I still not sure why it require that kind of technique so i end up align the suspension and just straight up glue them.

Another minor complain is these small handle on top of the vehicle which give me a hard time since they always fall off from time to time every time i touch the darn thing. Also a little tip, as you reach step 17 in the manual, better check step 23 so you align those top vents parts properly.

As for the painting, there a few variants need to consider but i take the 2 color one since it easier to do and people would instantly know what it is even before they see the logo.

The color that is used in this project are:

  • Modo MK-13 White Surfacer – Main color
  • Mr.Color 59 Orange –┬áMain color
  • Mr.Color 32 Dark Grey 2 – Lower half and interior
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Army Green
  • Green Sharpie – Beacon light

As for the decal, this time i decide to print them myself to see how feasible it is. The decal is bought from *kinda like Malaysia Amazon* and come in 5 sheet for RM 40 and come with clear coat spray can.

The process begin with getting the PNG ver of the logo and using a font that close to one used for the text, I use Illustrator for this. Then print on normal paper to make sure the size is correct. Next step is print them on the decal paper with maximum printing quality and spray 2 layer of clear coat which then let it dry for a day before applying it.

The result is acceptable but i find the clear film abit thick and it very hard to adjust the decal when it stick to the surface even with water on the surface. Also it prone to smudge the decal when applying to much pressure or water.

The final touch is make some of these boxes that came with Tamiya US Modern Military Equipment set

The Result

Compare to 1/35 Type 10

Also want to end this with this very silly joke that have been keep for way too long in my mind.


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