MODO Paint Bottle Stand Review

As i (still) reorganize my room to clean up all the stuff than i have been hording over the years, i want to find a better way to organize my paint bottles but most of the solution out there is quite expensive especially with shipping. Then one day at the local hobby store, i find this paint stand by Modo that is quite cheap so i decide to snatch one to see how it work out.


The box overview

As seen above, it have all the necessary information that you expect for a paint stand such as dimension and capacity both in Chinese and English.

It come with a few plates of cardboard which explain why it was cheap. What they don’t willing to invest is the instruction manual as they decide to using video format in Youtube which you can find it by scanning the provided QR code or just Google search “Modo paint stand”. The video tutorial  i find to be quite confusing to follow and require several viewing to understand how all of it fit together. I would suggest using white glue or hot glue gun to make a more sturdier construction. It took me around 30 minutes to assemble it.


After all that waggling, you got a paint stand that have 2 shelf with 6 slot each and top that can accept any odd and large size bottle such as primers. As the box suggest, it can take up to 108 Modo bottle paints but other brand can fit into them as well.

Tall bottle like Modo ones can take up to 6 per slot, while short ones like Tamiya jar can fit 5 per slot

AK Wash bottle take 5 per slot. Warpaints dropper bottle take 8 per slot.

Top Area

To show how much it can fit if you have alot of mixed size paints, i use my paint collection which so far which consist of:
Mr Hobby & Tamiya 10ml short bottle – 23
Gaianotes(15ml) & Modo(18ml) tall bottle – 17
Warpaints Dropper Bottle 18ml – 21
AK Bottles – 7
Tamiya Accent Color – 2
Tamiya Enamel – 3
Others – 6
Total: 79

As shown there still some space left for adding atleast 5 more on that last slot and a few more on top.


This a good product if you want a cheap way to organize the paints. Some might not like this since you can’t see all of them in a glance but it ideal if you don’t have much desk space.  If you want a more sturdier paint stand, Paint bottle stand by Wave is your next best bet since it made of plastic and you can customize the tray dividers to fit your needs plus much higher capacity than this one.


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