With the recent release of 1/350 IJN Akizuki from Wave which basically a rebox of the old Mono Chrome kit but have the parts for making either 1942 or 1944 ver, i have trouble finding photo-etch part for it until i come across this set from BigBlueBoy but there little information about it which is why i decide to make a post of it for those interested on this set.

In the box

_DSC4702 The kit consist of 6 photo-etch runner, 10cm barrels, torpedo, resin piece for the tower and the manual.


Each of the photoetch runner protected with transparent film


_DSC4707 _DSC4710

_DSC4711 _DSC4713

_DSC4715 _DSC4716

The manual is made of glossy paper with 4 page of instruction which mostly fill with diagrams with example pictures of how it should look like when assembled.

_DSC4717 _DSC4719

_DSC4720 _DSC4722

_DSC4723 _DSC4724



From what i can tell, this should cover most people needs to photo-etch this ship but for those want to build the 1944 ver have to purchase a few photo-etch for the radar and platform walls if you desire it.