Painted, Scale Kit, WIP

Fujimi 1/72 Suisei Egusa Squadron (Suisei Type 12 D4Y2 634 Navy Flying Corps)

Time for another what-if but instead of blueprint planes or prototype, this time is a color scheme based on a certain IJN ace.


Yokosuka D4Y Suisei known as Comet in Japanese or Judy by the Allies was the dive bomber for the IJN carrier group to replace the aging Aichi D3A. Because of troubled development, at first it serve as a recon plane under the designation of D4Y1-C. Two of these were present in the famous Battle of Midway on board Souryuu and lost with it.

It wasn’t until  December 1943 that first production batch started for the dive bomber version of the plane, the D4Y1 Model 11. Later on D4Y2 Model 12 was produced using a more powerful engine that make it the fastest carrier-borne dive bomber in service in WW2. D4Y3 is the last major version of the plane as convert to land-based bomber with another engine upgrade and removing the tailhook. As with most IJN small airframe, some was made as dedicated suicide bomber by the end of the war under the designation D4Y4.

While the speed and range certainly impressive, it just as vulnerable as it predecessor with the lack of crew and structural armoring still not being addressed. The D4Y5 finally fix that problem along with other improvement but it was too late for the war.

Lieutenant-Commander Takashige Egusa was the IJN ace dive bomber pilot of the war. As far i can find over the internet, he was a dive bomber squadron group leader onboard Souryuu and lead the second attack run on Pearl Harbor, assulting Wake Island, Port Darwin and sunk a few Royal Navy ships but injured during Midway. After recovering from injury, he was shot down by VT Fuze while under heavy AA fire inside the Ginga, IJN dual-engine bomber. There a book biography of him called Fist from the Sky: Japan’s Dive-Bomber Ace of World War II. 

History of War
Military Factory
Kancolle Wikia

The Build

This idea came about when i searching for new camo to do for the IJN planes since i need something different than the standard twin IJN colors. This is when i come across the Egusa squadron in the Kancolle Wikia and pretty much want to recreate it physically.

Based on the unit icon, i decide to get the Fujimi 1/72┬áSuisei Type 12 D4Y2 634 Navy Flying Corps since that the one i can find that have the fuel tank but still can’t find one with the rear gunner at the time so i decide to omit it.

The build itself was quite quick other than the problem with the cowling and wing fitting which require some putty to fill up the gaps.

As for painting, i first spray lighter color first which is Yellow and Red so that it won’t be dull and mask them off for the main base color to be sprayed.

This the color that being used for the project:

  • Mr.Color 124 Dark Green Mitsubishi – Main color
  • Tamiya XF-12 J.N Grey – Main color
  • Gaianotes Orange Yellow
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Dragon Red
  • Warpaints Gun Metal
  • Warpaints Deep Blue
  • Warpaints Army Green Citadel Technical Waystone Green
  • Modo M-008 Flat Clear

Finally is to put the provided decal except the numbering which is custom made but somehow it should be white instead of black but since it would take another 3 weeks so i decide to put on it anyway.


Compare to other 1/72 plane

Compare to 1/48 Zero


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