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Aoshima 1/700 Arpeggio of Blue Steel I-401 “Ars Nova” Mode

The battle of the backlog continues to get rid of my haunted boxes that hogging my room for years! This time we go to one kit that put me off so much that it sit in the box for almost a year after i assembling it and just now that i decide to finish the job.

The Box

The box is quite thick when comparing to standard ship kit box since you basically have few original runners to make up the “Ars Nova” mode plus a few runner from other kit to make up the common ship armaments. It come with two color which is blue and grey.

It come with this two character stand which you can display with your kit if that your thing *I just throw them to the bin*

It come with two manual which is your standard kit manual that is folded out to the side and color & decal reference sheet. It also come with a small sheet for instruction correction which i have lost it to the carpet monster.

Lastly was the decal sheets which they provide two identical one the difference supposedly one of them is able to glow with UV light but i haven’t tested this claim since UV light is hard to come by in my area.

The Build

One sentence that standout when doing this build is….

Nothing seem to fit!!!

Ok, maybe that a exaggeration but still this kit still have problems. The main one is the fitting for the main hull is quite crappy since there are a few large gap at some area especially the part of the lower hull and front portion of the ship.

The “Ars Nova” part also feel fragile since most parts have only a single point of contact that can be easily knockout when handling the kit around.

Then¬†something like this where the part don’t seem to fit as according to the manual where supposedly the disc would be align with a small plastic rod which not even long enough to cover 2 of them! Another one is where the part is attached with a magnet which i recommended to not use the magnets since it don’t lineup with the ship hull.

The configuration that i choose is the one that fully open up but the parts that hold the disc get broken so have to glue them up in the stacking position. I make a mistake on glueing the AA side platform that suppose to extended outwards in my configuration which made the platform above it unable to fit in so those have to be excluded.

As for coloring, i choose the standard IJN color scheme because quite frankly i don’t fancy my chance on applying these huge decals on parts that can easily knock off when maneuvering around plus i don’t really like the Arpeggio of Blue Steel color scheme anyway.

The list of color used are:

  • Mr.Color 101 Smoke Gray + Mr.Color 337 Grayish Blue FS35237 (Basically replacing Mr Color Dark Grey 2)
  • WarPaints Dragon Red
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Uniform Grey
  • Warpaints Strong Tone
  • Warpaints Matt White

The Result

Certainly not an easy build to tackle on as i stated before but atleast this is a unique kit from the series instead of rehashing the same kit with markup price which tend to happen with anime tied-ins *This series included!*


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