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Platz 1/72 Masahiro Chono Maus (Aristrist x Girls und Panzer) Review

Recently, a stash of 1/72 kits have arrive in the mail which each have interesting thing to them and poking around the idea of doing diorama again which I don’t do much all these time because how much real estate it required for doing proper diorama in a bigger scale.

But first off we start with a simple but silly on it’s own way. The Masahiro Chono Maus! which is the part of the recent wave of Girls und Panzer kits by Platz (aka Dragon) for their movie that release last year.

Apparently this kit come out because Masahiro Chono sang Chojyusenshakyu Oujya Mouse” (Super Heavy Weight Tank Class Champion Mouse), one of the five songs in the album “TANSON: Tank Song Mini Album,” which dedicated to the five famous WWII tanks featured in the Girls und Panzer anime.

The box

This kit was a re-release of the old Dragon 1/72 kit with new decals which is hard to come by before this so probably this is the only time to get a 1/72 Maus easily for a long time.

Consist of 5 runners, 2 parts hull and a turret piece which all come in black. Also a pair of rubber tracks and a small PE runner included in the box.

The manual is just a 2 page with Japanese text and diagram which can easily understand for the most parts.

Now we come what make this kit special, the waterslide decal which have many text variation and logo that easily have space for most of it thanks to the bare surface of the Maus itself.

Prep Work

Really most of your time is spending on the 14 suspension boggy that is packed under the hull. The hull itself just consist of few parts which fit on nicely with no gaps. The provided PE is only for the grill at the rear which you don’t really see much as always.

They included the Dummy turret for some reason and even the manual stated that you don’t need it. Even if you want to assemble it, you have no instruction to follow so you on your on that to figure out how to hell these parts goes.

Plus the Dummy turret ring slot is very shallow for some reason so you can’t fix it in the turret ring.

There only a single paint used in this project which is Gaianotes 075 Neutral Grey V and topcated with Modo Flat Clear. The decals is certainly decent quality and fit on the surface nicely.


As for the verdict, this is a very simple and quick kit to build since i only need a day to finish this concrete slab. Plus atleast you can use those extra decals to give your other kit a unique look.


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