Title Continuing the 1/72 streak, we go to a relative obscure subject that was produced by Meng, the Kayaba Type 4 Katsuodori which is a fighter based on previous Kayaba glider design but this one is powered by RAMJETS!

This is part of the Meng Dimorphodon Series(what) because apparently they use Dinosaurs naming to categorize their subjects. Certainly not something you expect from a Chinese company no less. It kinda make sense if you know a thing or two about dinosaurs. So here the Meng line so far that i know off:

Dimorphodon: Aircraft
Longiceps: Heavy Aircarft(?)
Stegosaurus: Armored Personal Carriers, Non-offensive military vehicles
Velociraptor: Civilian vehicles with weapons
Tyrannosaurus: Tanks and thing that do big booms
Human: Figure sets (duh!)


Kayaba have been experimenting with tailless aircraft concept for military use even before WW2 kick off. The Kayaba gliders Ku-1 to Ku-3 have been a success for the company so they based those design to Ku-4 but it would be powered by pusher engine. Unfortunately, funding by the army is severely reduced as Ku-2 glider crashed in 1941 and when Japan joins WW2, the army decide to use all it’s funds to develop conventional aircraft so all experimental project is slowed down, halted or cancelled altogether.

Despite that, Kayaba still invest on Ku-4 as when the war ended since the Allies found Ku-4 blueprint that featuring ramjet which based on the German HeS001 Type A engine and armed with twin 30mm Ho-301 cannons which would fit nicely with it’s interceptor role of taking on B-29s that bombing the mainland.

Ramjets could be a critical factor for the Japanese as it easier to manufacture than turbojet with similar performance but don’t need special equipment to refuel and safer with the drawback that it ramjet only kick in when have sufficient air speed to operate so it need rocket booster for takeoff or released from mothership in flight such as G8N “Rita” bomber. Despite that, the Army choose the Messerschmidt Me 163 Komet as it been in operational and proved by the Germans.

Military Factory

The box _DSC2023

This model is fairly low count build which probably why they provide parts to make 2 complete aircraft so you could easily made a squadron of these if you into that kind of thing. The box include 2 identical runner, the cockpit canopy, decal sheet and the all important manual.

_DSC2022 _DSC2115

One interesting thing to note that they provide a list of bombers that can be mounted on.

The build


It a fairly simple and quick build thanks to it’s good fitting which require minimal putty work (if at all)


Since they provide two, i go with different configuration on each of them. Here where the build get tricky as you need to drill the appropriate size hole to mount them but they do provide guide hole to help you drill on the right position. The first one is using the dolly without the landing gear and mounting points for mounting under the bomber. The second is with the landing gear. Both come with rocket boosters. As for painting, for the first one, i choose the IJN 1945 color that is provided from the manual while the other is using the A6M5 Zero color that i have done before. _DSC2153

The list of color used are:

Tamiya XF-12 J.N Grey – Main Fusalage color
Mr.Color 15 IJN Green (Nakajima) – Main Fusalage color
Gaianotes 025 Orange Yellow
WarPaints Dragon Red
Warpaints Matt Black – Tyres
Warpaints Army Green
Warpaints Gunmetal – Silvery bits
Warpaints Leather Brown – Seat
Warpaints Strong Tone – Wash

_DSC2084 (Masking galore!)


The Result

_DSC2127 _DSC2128

_DSC2129 _DSC2130

_DSC2131 _DSC2132

_DSC2124 _DSC2125

_DSC2126 _DSC2133

Certainly an interesting kit to deal with especially one that come from the Japanese side since they really not known for their experimental side of things.Compare to their Germans ally, most of their wonderweapons is been mentioned on everywhere!

Certainly a good beginner kit or something simple that you want to do during the weekend.