Scale Kit, WIP

Fujimi 1/24 Nissan GT-R (R35) Spec-V Akizuki Class Itasha Ver

Something that have been in the works for a quite some time (Started from August last year last i check) with the first probably last car kit that i tackle with pretty extensive custom decal that i have ever done to date.

Prep Work

As the kit box shown, it come in black which will be a problem later on since my color scheme is mostly opposite of that which i will tackle on later.

The lower part of the car is assemble and handpainted as usually which have surprisingly abundant amount of detail which as always will be covered up by the panels or hidden out of sight.

The thing that i probably sink too much time other than the body shell is the interior which mostly painted orange yellow color to keep with the theme.

Speaking about the theme, the color and decal was based on character from Kancolle, the Akizuki class! Specifically Akizuki and Teruzuki (Sorry Hatsuzuki but you late to the party). This took me for about a few weeks to make the color combination and decal work without looking terrible (Even tho Itasha really meaning painful car to watch).

Color been used for this project:

  • Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000 – Primer (Not shown)
  • Gaianotes 025 Orange Yellow
  • Tamiya X-1 White
  • Tamiya X-2 Black
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Dragon Red
  • Mr.Color 32 Dark Grey(2)

This is the first time i use the Tamiya compound set and what i found it was basically a liquid-ish sandpaper. The mistake that i made for the painting side is that the grey paint i use is not a gloss paint which make it hard to make it shiny without just sand off the paint so i just give up that part.

The decal making certainly take much longer than i expected especially if you going for vector graphics since it took a ludicrous amount of time to trace a object if you not use to it like me who more of a Photoshop person. I was considering using the fan art version of the character since there alot of good one in Pixiv but i prefer to ask before use and probably most of them don’t understand English enough so i don’t fancy my chances to get a reply.

Since there are white to print which most printer are not capable of doing it, i ask Samueldecal to print it for me. For some reason it took a month to make it print, probably because i order after the New Year and near Chinese New Year when it time to print and ship (Took 3 week just to get here). While most of the decal look great, the name and character image is slightly transparent which make them not vibrant looking which still bugging me to this day. Also they look abit pixelated when looked up close.


Being the first car kit that i tackle, there are few improvement that i probably need to do if i decide to tackle it again especially with the painting aspect since i not really into glossy finish which seem the main paint finishing for car.

Also probably buy myself a decal printer if i ever do this kind of project again since it will be easier to test print without waiting for weeks to month to get the decal to print.


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