Scale Kit, WIP

RMAF SU-50MKM (1/72 T-50 PAK-FA)

This kit have been in the backburner for quite sometime since April of last year because of the burnout. That end the latter of last month in the everlasting effort of keep up with my building to buying ratio (buying is still on the high side!)

The title picture is exactly what it says on the tin, this is based on RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force) color scheme and specifically to SU-30MKM which is the top fighter available in the RMAF inventory that currently based in RMAF Gong Kedak under the No. 11 Squadron.


(From Wikipedia)

Prep Work

Firstly i recommend on reading this review as it outline the pro and cons of the kit. One important point from that review however is that this kit might be over sized for the scale which might be an important for some people, personally i don’t bother with it much.

Not sure it because of the age or how the box are stored over the months but i find the main fuselage to be slightly warped so there are some work to make the two piece fuselage flush to each other. Thank goodness it assemble top and bottom instead the sides or that will be much more harder to fix the warp issue.

Other than the warp issue, the side pylons(?) also not really fit as the sharp edge side protrude out of the plane wings which should not have happen.

Not sure if this is common but this kit have a significant amount of PE parts for a aircraft kit which most of the parts are for the cockpit and the rest to the overly complicated pitot tube.

On that damned pitot tube, the amount of PE sandwiching on that fragile plastic rod is crazy as you need to do 4 of them! The way i use i tackle this problem is to either screw the sandwiching part and just stick one side only or find a small metal rod that is similar diameter to the pitot tube and try to sandwich the two PE part between it. Also the pitot tube fitting need some putty filling as well since it leave a significant gap on the nose.

A few day after i restarting building this plane, i found out the front landing gear have become the recent victim to the carpet monster so i end up get this metal part set which have great fitting but it very malleable so be carefully on applying any pressure to them.

Not much picture on the painting side since most of the paintwork are done in one day but here are the paint that i use for this:

  • Mr.Color 306 Gray FS36270 – Nose
  • Mr.Color 337 Grayish Blue FS35237 – Body
  • WarPaints Dragon Red – Internal landing gear door.
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Unifrom Grey – Internal compartment.
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Matt Black & Greed Gold – Replacing Burnt Iron which i can’t find it everywhere.
  • Gaianotes 075 Neutral Grey V – Engine Cone

Most of the provided decal are used with the exception of the Russian Star and numbering which is replaced with Generic RMAF decal set that i able to found.


Compare with 1/72 Zero


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