Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) weapons have been a common addition for those who want to customize their gunpla especially how varies the lineup is. Even tho Bandai have it own under the Builder Parts series, most of the offering is still limited to Gundam universe theme which was not as wacky or versatile as the M.S.G line but they certainly catching up.

Anyway this post about the M.S.G Weapon Unit 36. Missile & Radome which i believe have been included in one of the Frame Arms kit for quite a while before they release this parts as standalone kit.

In The Box Package

Just like any M.S.G package, it open up from below and it come with 3 runner and manual/cover.

_DSC1708 _DSC1710

The Completed Product

_DSC1712 _DSC1713
(Char Zaku Origin ver will be our model for this one)

The peg like have been shown here is compatible with most connector point on Gunpla which make it easier to mount and tight enough so it not snag under it’s own weight. To the missile module itself, It have 3 circle connector point and one wide connection point for a special arm. The missile cover come in two parts with one covering the other.

It come with movable arm which in one end is fixed while the other end can be move up and down. Other is like a cover for connecting to straight peg and a straight peg. The Radome is also compatible with the other connection point with it own arm.

_DSC1721 _DSC1722


Combination with two of these.
_DSC1717 _DSC1719

If you want to have a different missile pack than the standard Gundam ones, this is certainly a good purchase with ease of compatibility with standard Gunpla connector.