When SD EX-Standard first announce, alot of people very hype for it since this new lineup use similar proportion as FW Gundam Converge but come in Gunpla form but then the hype kinda die off when picture of the out of the box build began to surface around the internet which make alot of them disappointed as it going back to old school SD sticker galore.

What odd about it was that this lineup exclusively for sale OUTSIDE Japan(According to HobbyLink Japan) which is painful at itself especially for those that looking forward to the kit since you at the mercy of the local supplier to stock up which could take 1 to 2 month. Apparently (AKA not confirmed), they want more people to join Gunpla building by selling cheaper kit than usual. How effective is that is remain to be seen.

As always, the first kit they release for a new line is another RX-78-2!

_DSC1599 _DSC1600
(View of the box sides)

In The Box
This time i want to do differently for this section as i want to get some video production going, so here the timelapse of the build!


The manual as you can see is the standard side-ways fold out with half side colored and other side monocolor. The manual cover is good looking tho. The runner is also made so that you only need your hand to pop out the parts which while easier, it can leave a huge mark to the kit surface if not done correctly.


The Completed Product
_DSC1604 _DSC1606
(Standard Front/Back shot)

This only took me 30 minute to assemble which is kinda the standard timing for these type of kit. The sticker galore is certainly real on this kit since every limbs seem to have it.

_DSC1607 _DSC1609
_DSC1610 _DSC1612
_DSC1614 _DSC1615
_DSC1618 _DSC1621

You can store the beam rifle and shield by sticking it to the backpack. You can also store the beam rifle on it’s side skirt but i find it cumbersome since it clash with the upper torso.
_DSC1622 _DSC1623

Now to reveal the most powerful weapon of them all!

The return of the beam toothpicker! _DSC1627
_DSC1628 _DSC1632

Other than a better proportion for an SD kit, Each of them have a gimmick where you can combine their weapon and accessories to make some silly contraption and able to be used with High Grade (HG) line.


And we start with the silliest of them all! This one is quite solid combination wise but i find it easy for the handle (which basically a peg) slide out easily from the hand.
_DSC1639 _DSC1640

The less silly ones _DSC1635

Compare to SD Command Gundam _DSC1645

Compare to HG Zaku Origin ver

The selling point of this kit is certainly the proportion as i don’t see anything else going for it since it still retain the sticker galore that older SD release retain and while that combine gimmick is nice, Bandai pushing that part more as compatibility play with the HG counterparts.

Overall, not a bad kit just it not an major improvement like the HG Revive series.

I probably update or make a new post about this when i finally able to paint this bugger just to compare the two when you decide to make that extra effort to make it look great.