Painted, Scale Kit, WIP

Tamiya 1/48 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighter (Zeke)

I always wanted to do a Zero fighter but i don’t have urge until i accept the Zero build challenge so might as well get it going then!

Zero fighter A6M5 is considered the most effective variant of the Type 0 Series. Major changes include shorter wing and removed folding wing mechanism plus the revised aileron, trim, flaps and exhaust system. These changes make this Zero variant faster to keep up with the American Corsair and Hellcats that easily match the Zero’s.

A6M5 have 4 sub variants. A6M5a, A6M5b, A6M5c and A6M5-S which varies on armament, armor and it mission profile.

Prep Work

In general, this kit have very good fitting which is expected from Tamiya. I choose the A6M5 variant since the A6M5a ver require some more work on the details which include drilling for the additional signal lights. I also forgo with the included figure since i not really into figure painting.

One features that i haven’t see before in any other aircraft kit is the separable cockpit where you could assemble the fuselage first before add on the cockpit which usually you have to wait before assemble the fuselage. The cockpit itself is nicely detailed which is a shame that alot of it would be hard to see through the canopy.

I do some minor modification to the engine where i put some details with using some staple.

Bit of odd thing about the provided masking sheet for the canopy is that they are not pre-cut which is annoying to make sure the cut is perfect.

Painting is is the similar that i have done to the Shinden Kai, where i do pre-shading before applying the main colors. I finish it with a wash and flat top coat.

Paints that are used:

  • Mr.Color 15 IJN Green(Nakajima) – top half of the plane.
  • Tamiya XF-42 IJN Gray – bottom half of the plane.
  • Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Propeller
  • Tamiya X-1 Black – landing gear and Pre-shading.
  • WarPaints Dragon Red – Signal lights.
  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Army Green – internal cockpit.
  • Warpaints Gunmetal – on various places.
  • Warpaints Brown Letter & Greed Gold – Exhaust pipes
  • Mr.Color 57 Metallic Blue Green – Internal landing gear bay
  • Gaianotes Orange Yellow
  • Modo M-008 Flat Clear


Compare with the 1/72 Zero USB Fan

Compare with my custom 1/48 Shinden Kai


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