Painted, Scale Kit

The Akizuki Collection! (1/700 JMSDF Akizuki DD-161 & DD-115)

After i finish the IJN Akizuki a few month ago, i was mulling around on getting all her JMSDF version because i find it interesting that the name have been used 2 more time and how ship design change through out the ages.


The first JMSDF Akizuki (DD-161) launched in 1959 and designed as a multi purpose destroyer and a command ship. It improvement over the Murasame class destroyer design. It the first Japanese ship to equip with  Mk.108 Weapon Alpha (aka ASW rocker launcher) but later replace with Type 71 375 mm  quadruple ASW rocket launcher when the Mk.108 proved to be under performing.

The second one (DD-115) launched in 2010 and the design based on the Takanami class destroyer. Her sensor and system design to work with indigenous ATECS battle management system which similar in capability with Zumwalt class destroyer. The main purpose of this class is to provide Local Area Defense (LAD) to JMSDF Izumo and Hyuuga class helicopter destroyer and Japan Aegis warship such as Kongou and Atago class.

Prep Work

I first started with the second version as it have PE (Photo-etch) parts that need attaching but later found out that Pitroad only give the half the PE package in the box so need to purchase the full package latter on to get all the railing.

This must be the most stressful PE set i ever work with at this point since there alot of curve that need careful bending (which is alot of them!) especially the sensor tower where the railing is much more smaller than normal.

The first version is much more simpler in term of kit construction and PE work as the main one is replacing the radar tower. Interestingly, they gave two variant of her, that is when she is commission and upgraded variant around 1985. The PE railing is not included so i use a generic PE railing with limited photo reference to know the railing layout.

The color is a bit a head scratcher since the Pitroad only refer to it own color line for it hull and deck color so after some eyeballing, here what i used for both of them:

  • Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000 – Primer
  • Mr.Color 72 Aircraft Grey – Ship hull
  • Tamiya XF-66 Light Grey – Deck
  • Mr.Color 325 Grey FS26440 – Helicopter
  • Warpaints Matt Black – Small details
  • Tamiya X-1 White – Small details
  • Modo M-008 Flat Clear – Top Coat

The painting started with airbrush blasting the hull with Aircraft Grey and then carefully spray the deck with Light Grey. The rest of the color is then handpainted.

After the painting is done, it then came to decal up which is harder than i expected especially the first version where you need to navigate the deck decal around the center structure and other obstacle, I find it better to just cut the decal in half and try to align it instead of left it dangling and accidentally rip the decal when wrangling it around.

The helipad decal on the second ver also a pain since the white line tend to flip around and it hard to maintain the shape since there no transparent sheet in between the line. (Kinda hard to explain if you not experience it)

The last addition is added the rigging using the sprue stretching technique on the second version.


DD-161 Akizuki (1985) (First Version)

DD-115 Akizuki (2010) (Second Version)

The Akizuki Evolution 


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