The egg ship continue again! This time is the fairly recent release, the Chibi-Maru Akizuki! which is the late war AA Destroyer.

The box sides

(For a cheap price of 1800 Yen or around RM 60)

Prep work

(Out of the box assembly)

There really not much picture of the process itself since it very similar to what i have done to Chibi-Maru Kirishima but there are some addition on this kit.

(The box content)

The kit is certainly much more simpler and smaller than it’s battleship counterpart but this time they give waterslide decal and sticker plate name for the Chibi-Maru Display Base (which sold separately) with the standard sticker set.

The paint i use for this were:
Mr.Color 32 Dark Gray (2) – Ship hull
Warpaints Matt Black – Small Details
Warpaints Greed Gold – Propeller
Warpaints Dragon Red – Bottom hull
Tamiya X-2 White – Small Details
Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Deck
Modo M-008 Flat Clear – Flat coat

It took me about half a day to finish this kit which really telling on how simple to finish it.


Compare with 1/700 Ver

Compare to Chibimaru Kirishima