Painted, Scale Kit

Chibi-Maru Kirishima

In the effort on trying to cutting down the backlog and failing at it because onore assignments!, so i start with something that i can do quickly without the urge to put PE parts on it which is why this is the first kit that i tackle first. Also i want it to pair with Nendoroid Kancolle Kirishima which long overdue already.

Abit of the kit itself, The Chibi-Maru Fleet/Kantai is a non-scale super deformed ship by Fujimi. It snapfit assembly and provide sticker so that you don’t need to do any painting(but you probably need to which i explain later). The lineup include the infamous Yamato class, 1st Div Carrier Akagi and Kaga and many other.

With that out of the way, it time to do it!

Prep Work

The kit itself was mostly snapfit which certainly work fine for most of the time even tho some parts have a very tight fit which is solved by cutting down the peg so that it won’t stress out the plastic while other are way too loose so plastic cement is needed for this to make sure those parts stick better like the fiddly antenna bits.

There alot of spare parts which probably come from Kongou kit since Kirishima use different turret and superstructure.

I decide to handpaint her since those sticker while do the job it good awful to look at and very shiny which the last thing a battleship should look like. The only thing that i use from the sticker sheet is the flag.

The paint i use for this were:

  • Warpaints Matt Black
  • Warpaints Gunmetal
  • Warpaints Greed Gold – Propeller
  • Tamiya X-2 White
  • Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Deck
  • Tamiya XF-57 Buff – Deck
  • Modo M-008 Flat Clear – Flat coat (Airbrush)

The Final Product

With Nendoroid Kirishima

I find the kit enjoyable to build despite the problem i stated earlier since it easy to fix and low part count make it less likely to make people burn out while making it which is important for those who have alot of kit backlogs lying around XD.


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