Scale Kit

UCHG Lakato Truck Review

Back to something bigger scale. Kinda get this on impulses when looking through the HLJ sale (kinda a quiet one since there only 5 stuff in Gunpla section on sale) I have something in mind to mod this but i guess why not review this before that.


Now as far i aware, you can only get this with the book which kinda crappy since that mean it was a limited run so better get it quick if you want it.

The box kit snug perfectly with the runner and not overly size with inside buffer so it not freely move around inside the box.

All the parts on building this Jeep just require one runner, plastic clear part and decals.

The book is by Hobby Japan and it was mostly written in Japanese with some title page in English. Come with a very glossy removable book cover (Which the Japanese very fond of for some reason) but about 90% of the page is in color which is nice.

It start off with showcasing the 1/1 scale Lakato and the Sauropelta jeep and how they do it. After that is about the kit itself where it start with instruction of the kit, how to paint it, weathering, make modification from the basic to fairly advance and diorama showcase. The last few pages where on about the lineart of the jeeps and interview.

The Product

(Ignore the masking tape at the mirror since that require glue to fix)

The kit is fairly quick to assemble. Most of the big parts can be assemble via snapfit with some small parts like side mirrors and figure require plastic cements.

It certainly have nice interior detail and even they have these bar for the chair so you can adjust the chair placement and actually hold it in place.

All wheels and some of the underside components are hollow on the other side which mostly hidden except the spare wheel which is very glaring.

Compare to M61A5 MBT


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