1/700 IJN Destroyer Akizuki


Since i been in a ship fever lately, i decide to make a fleet of them to complement my Akagi & Kaga build and first up on the to do list is IJN destroyer Akizuki!

(Lifetime supply of despair!)

All my ship kit up to this point is by Fujimi because they easier to find and most of them are newer molding compare to other brand but they have a high part count. This kit is by Pitroad under the Skywave series and it a very old one as it release in 2006. While other brand have newer Akizuki kits, they the only one that i can find that make Akizuki class in 1944 configuration out of the box.

Prep Work

The first thing that i notice about this kit is how easy it was. Compare to Fujimi Hamakaze that i build beside this (and still not done it), the part count is low as some parts are molded together like some part of the structure molded together with the deck and platform with beam already attached.


There a few addition i added to this which are replacing the Torpedo turret (or i think it was called ?) with a more detailed ones from Fujimi Hamakaze kit and adding Monochrome railing which give me alot of eye pain since i already mess up a few of them in the process which luckily i buy extra just in case that happen. Also metal bar also glue inside the hull for extra weight.


One aspect i don’t like about the kit is how the hull is assembled as it combine the side with the flat part which require a good alignment so that the deck don’t have gaps or make the deck uneven but luckily the fit is great.


After all that, it to the paint stage which i use the fairly standard IJN color scheme.

The paint list for this kit are
Mr. Primer Surfacer 1000 – Primer
Mr.Color 32 Dark Gray (2) – Ship hull
Tamiya XF-64 Red Brown – Deck
Warpaints Uniform Grey – Paint Touchup
Warpaints Matt Black – Small details
Warpaints Matt White – Small details
Warpaints Strong Tone – Wash

After the painting is done, i added the rigging using the sprue stretching technique with small flag attach to one of them.



(Compare to the ginormous Akagi)


4 thoughts on “1/700 IJN Destroyer Akizuki

  1. I feel inspired and interested to branch into ship modelling when i saw few of your recent posts. Are they tough to work with for your below-average gunpla modeller like me?

    • Very hard if you are new to eat since they don’t snapfit and know how to fill the gap and such. You can refer to my Scale Modeling Basic Tutorial post (which i really need to update).

      If you want to start tho, get a 1/35 tank since they don’t have many tiny parts to worry with or the recent Fujimi snapfit ship line. h ttp://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10312067

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