I been sucked in on playing Kantai Collection (or Kancolle in short form) lately and it have inspire me to do some ship kits but recently Kotobukiya have release a character from that game, the Rensoho-Chan in model kit form!

(Look around of the box, look how colorful it is)

A quick run down of this character, this is basically a sidekick to Shimakaze which is one of the popular character from KancolleĀ for some reason . It shape was based from 12.7 cm/50 naval gun turrets which she have 3 of them on the real thing and Kancolle version.

In the box

(Closer look on runner A)

These is basically what you get, 2 grey runner and an instruction manual and that it! No sticker or even a zekamashi decals to make it like the box art so there more work to be done if you intended to show it off as it appear in the game.

They should make the box smaller as well since there a lot of empty space inside it.




The instruction is the standard fold out to the side layout with color only for the cover and the backside. The construction is fairly simple as myself snapfit it under 30 minutes.

The Completed Product
(The standard 3 shot)

My first reaction when i finish it is “Bloody hell that is small” considering the price and they only provide one color. This remind me of the MSS Sinker that i done last year. I only do panelining on this as i intended to mod this in the future.

(Compare it to it’s cardboard box)


The accessory is not much, just 2 swapable faceplate, crooked/ broken barrel, propeller, and part with and without lifebuoy. The faceplates have give you 3 expression and one blank face to make your own expression for more amusement. The lifebuoy don’t have ridges on the bottom (while the one without it have) so you can just bring it up the body if you want.

(Closer look at the faceplate)



Articulation it have was flapping flap, independent barrel that can bring up to almost 90 degrees, 360 head turn and the duck legs.


There a few problem with it beside the lack of color, the legs i find is very loose as it only a balljoint insert and it can’t stand straight as it the feet is off center so you need the lifebouy if you want to straight it up.

Also for some reason, the crooked barrel is not drilled in while the straight barrel have. Speaking of the barrel, i find the barrel get out of the position very often as it attach to the side instead of straight up.

(Size comparison with HG Bearguy which is RM 10 more than Rensoho-chan)

(It certainly can fit in with nendoroid collection tho)

(Some of the pose i can think of at the moment)


My verdict for this kit is well… “meh”. In term of price ratio, it certainly lose on that since a 800 yen SD gundam kit have multicolor parts and about twice the many parts than this 1200 yen kit. I don’t mind the lack of color much but it will be a disappointment for many especially to those who only want to snapfit and do at most panelining. I more disappointing the lack of decal especially the trademark zekamashi writing for the lifebouy. So unless you like the character or want something different, there better kits out there you can choose from.