Majin Bone Tiger Bone Review

As i scroll trough the HLJ website to add to my December wallet burning loot, i stumble upon the Majin Bone kit line up which was produced by Bandai but oddly enough they don’t market it heavily as their other product. Since it was cheap i decide to try it as they usually do something new to the building process with every IP they got. So i choose Tiger Malaya Bone since it the one i interested the most.

The Box!

The box was the standard HG size and the content contain 3 plastic runner, a polycaps runner, an instruction manual and one huge sticker sheet.

The Build

The one that unique technique they use here is the combining the parts together while it still on the runner which as far i aware Bandai first use that in their Mega Size lineup which probably a dead line by now. The way it work is by snap the runner into several predetermined size, put in the joint before combining with other half and then snap them all off.

Which come to the biggest cons of the kit which is the amount of sticker that require to slap on the kit like a photo collage which pretty much the fate of every kit that is not Gundam. Even then some of the stickers color is not accurate than it was shown at the box. Example of these can clearly seen on the leg where it provided as blue stickers but the box art and painted kit shown it as black or very deep blue.

With that said it took me about 2 hour to finish it with very little problem other than finding the right angle of sticker to put on. The option is quite barebone lacking as it only come with two open palm and a clear effect part.

The Result

(The inner frame and it unassembled armor)

What i enjoy this model the most is how flexible the frame is and with the lack of heavy stuff and streamline design make it very stable kit to display with but the armor assembly connection still need to be improved as the use of pegs is very sparse and most of the armor part was held by friction. This is very apparent on the thigh and arms when try to do some crazy poses as it collide with other parts.

Personally the clear effect part look insignificant especially with it clear look and small size.

You can also bring the model off the ground with connector that located behind the torso if you action base lying around.

Here some random shots

Size comparision with HG Bearguy-san

In the end with the all the faults it have, the price tag of RM 35 is a reasonable price for what it given.


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