Zero A6M5 Model 52 USB Fan “Eien No Zero” ver Review

Have been take a long break from modeling since i busy with assignments (which i bet it will be more this year…) but anyway i have made big purchase during the wallet hell month aka December which include all other bunch of stuff including a very huge 1/32 airplane kit but let start small first.

This is a completed 1/72 of Zero A6M5 Model 52 that function as a USB fan on your desk in combating hot air off your face!

Box overview

As you notice it have “Eien No Zero” on the box which basically mean this is a movie tied-in merchandise. From what i gather it was Japanese war drama film based on the novel where it about grandchildren of a Zero pilot try to find what their grandfather done during the war. The only difference with this and the normal version is the plane markings.


The package contain the plane itself that attached to the stand with plastic propeller, a big rubber propeller, plastic spanner, USB cable, runner for the pointy bits and instruction which is all in Japanese with diagrams.

The plane itself was all plastic body from what i can gather and while i not sure how accurate the model is compare to the real thing but it was nicely painted tho you might want to add panel wash to bring out those detail lines to life. You can detach it from the stand if you so wish and since it was on a ball head, you can adjust the heading of the plane.

The assemble was simple enough with cable slots in the stand that make the cable management as tidily as possible and the pointy bits like machine guns fit in rather nicely without the need of gluing. Changing the fan however is tricky at first since i can’t read Japanese very well so have to take some guesswork to figure it out. I finally figure out that to replace the fan is by using the spanner to hold the motor and spin the fan clockwise, not the other way around like i did for 10 minute…

As a USB fan, it was pretty good as it can push air in a considerable distance if using the large rubber ones. One thing i notice it was very inconsistent on how fast the fan spin as it usually slow down and then speed up from time to time. Was this a feature or a faulty motor, i have no clue.


Consider the retail price of this plane which is 2,580 yen or around RM 75 (Bit cheaper if you get the normal ver) it can be a hard sell to some but considering the work put into this, i find the price is quite justifiable. Also it can be an option for those who want an completed Zero kit with additional feature.


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