Modded, Painted, Scale Kit, WIP

Zoukei-Mura 1/48 J7W4 Shinden Kai

After the Gundam Mid-Year Challenge have been wrap up, i decide to take a break from my Gundam related project and tackle onto military scale modeling again which this time would be Air and Sea subject which funnily enough are from Japanese WW2 era. My air subject is the 1/48 Shinden from Zoukei-Mura Super Wing Series (That was mouthful i have to say) and representing the sea is 1/700 Fujimi IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi & Kaga which that post would be coming soon maybe around the end of this month or early next month.

Now on to the subject at hand!


The plane itself was pretty much designed as a land based (which what J stand for) interceptor to repulse American bombers that already bombing the home island by the last year of the war. Unlike most plane of the era, it use the canard design which basically mean having a small wing ahead of the main wing with engine at the back. Ultimately, it never got to do it job as the war suddenly ended with only 2 prototype build and 2 test flight done before the war ended. There only one surviving example left which currently in storage at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC and it state was currently unknown.

The Build

My plan was to make it a heavy jet interceptor was inspired by (which i assume) Shinden modeling competition on Zoukei-Mura site. As with any kit that i do, the first course of action would be finding if i can fit a big cannon on it ofcourse 😀 which i refer to Me 262 A-1a/U4 as my reference. Another addition which i later on added was the 30mm gunpods that mounted on the wing since i betting on there will be not much room when i mounted the 5cm cannon on the nose with all 4 30 mm at the nose (which it is) with some FuG radar. While waiting for those stuff to arrive, i started assembling the kit.

First stuff would be remove the prop and smooth out the cone to make it look like a jet which is fairly easy to do actually.

Which later on painted the engine and paint the inner fuselage on the next day

Next was to assemble the skin of the plane which is where i run into some problems, the fitting of the engine is abit tricky as it abit to far forward to completely close it with the side wall which i end up trimming some of the parts to make it fit. Also there some gap when fuselage and wing met so some considerable amount of putty was used to cover it up.

A few days later these arrive and at that same day, try to mount them on the plane.

After the modification was done and fix the gap on the plane, it time to mask the clear canopy to paint the frame and cover the plane internal for painting.

Here the paint list for the plane:

  • Mr.Color 15 IJN Green(Nakajima) – top half of the plane.
  • Tamiya XF-75 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal) – bottom half of the plane.
  • Gaianotes 1002 Dark Stainless Silver – innerframe and engine which later on replaced by Tamiya X-11 Chrome Silver because run out of it.
  • Gaianotes 004 Ultra Blue & WarPaints Dragon Red – signal lights.
  • Gaianotes 020 Gunmetal – weapons which later replaced by Warpaints Matt Black because run out of it.
  • Warpaints Army Green – internal cockpit.
  • Warpaints Gunmetal – on various places.
  • Tamiya X-1 Black – landing gear and Pre-shading.

Start of with relative heavy pre-shading then paint the two main color in layers so the pre-shading don’t lost in the process.

During this time also i add some more addition like small pla-beam to hold the engine cover in place and plane wire with sprue stretching. As for the base, at first i thinking on making it flying but Zoukei-Mura don’t provide landing gear cover for that as the one provided have different shape than the gaping space of the landing gear compartment so have to abandoned that idea altogether. As i don’t really have big display to begin with, i decide to use unused round tupperware cover with sandpaper as a base texture which later on i find it too small for it size so have to add some dirt and color it with MR.Color 44 Tan and the rest with Black from Anchor spray cans.

The final stage of the build was to paint the pilot which i got from Zoukei-Mura store (which admittedly abit expensive that i would like to pay) and applying the decal on the plane. Since there no paint guide provided for the pilot, i eyeballing the paint based on the product picture which i use:

  • Tamiya XF-68 Nato Brown – pilot suit.
  • Warpaints Army Green – seatbelts.
  • Warpaints Tanned Flesh – face.
  • Warpaints Leather Brown – goggles straps.
  • Warpaints Matt Black – Hand and boots.
  • Warpaints Matt White – goggles lens.
  • Warpaints Strong Tone – wash.

For decaling, i follow the decal guide that the manual provided.


After fix up some paint error, it was completed! i also decide to open up some of the panel to show some of the internal detail that this kit provided.

Final Thoughts

The price can be a turn off to some people since with the same price you could get a bigger kit like 1/32 kit or 1/48 A-10 that having much more accessories for much less but because of the plane obscurity and never been participate any battle during war time, make it a good subject for what if customization and i got it because of the canard design which is so unusual in that time period. Some might say the internal detail is unnecessary but i quite like it since i don’t need to sratchbuild it if i want to show internal and having a frame make it easier to glue up the skin as there a guide that you can refer to and make it less likely to deform.

As i quite satisfy with the kit, i already eyeing on other kit that Zoukei Mura producing espacially the upcoming 1/32 Horten which is really tempting with it’s clear parts…


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