SD BB Senshi Neo Zeong Review

It been a while that i done a review so let start of with the big guy in the block from Unicorn E7, the Neo Zeong! in it budget SD form!

Kit Overview

First of all that i want to clarify about this kit is that it do come with SD Sinanju, so no worries about needing to hunting down the SD Sinanju standalone ver. From what i can tell, it exactly the same as the standalone version with exception of revised sticker sheet to accommodate NZ stickers and missing one decal markings that mainly for the fuel tanks which you will be remove anyway when it’s riding the Neo Zeong.

The Neo Zeong itself even in SD form is quite enormous which can certainly beat most HGUC in height and width.

It come with a new stand attachment to accommodate the mobile armor size and it can tilt forward for the dramatic attack pose!

It certainly have impressive level of detail for something this sizable especially in the SD line up and the sticker is not that sizable which you can see at the front.

Gattai mode on!

I find it a very tight fit with the Sinanju onboard the compartment but it certainly not hard to do as there a peg that connect to the crotch to hold it in place while you moving around.

There certainly alot of gimmick that built into this guy, first is the bazooka compartment that can be open up but i find it floppy as it only been held by a peg and the connector seem not deep enough to secure it properly. There also an option to put the bazooka barrel at the specific slots but you only have one to play with.

The second and probably most significant one is the 4 arms that tucked away at the back which can be bring forward for maximum firepower! the finger beams for those are stored inside the hollow part of the arms which only be held by friction which can be a little bit disconcerting as it face downward so there a real chance that you will lose some of them if you are not careful. There also additional hole at the back that can be used by those arms for extra posability.

Lastly is the Psycho Shard (or halo ring that i like to call it) that come in two which the big one connect to the back and the small to the shield can be knock over easily tho.

As i said before it quite sizable kit as it easily beat HGUC and even smaller MGs


For the price around RM 70-80 for here in Malaysia, it certainly a good value kit as you not only get the huge MA itself but also the SD Sinanju which could be around RM 30-40 depend on where you find and the Neo Zeong can hold other passenger as well to make much more shenanigans!

All your bauxite is not safe!


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