Modded, Painted, Real Grade

RG Skygrasper AWACS “ScanEagle”


Finally completed my first painted and modded kit for this year and might be my entry for this year Malaysian Mid-Year contest. Skygrasper is certainly something that people don’t often have in their collection let alone modified it so i take this chance to see what i can make out of it.

Prep Work
My first plan is actually make it like a bomber instead of being a support aircraft but after bouncing around other idea, i opted to convert it to AWACS as i feel it stand out even more than my previous plan.

So it started by using Bandai Builder Parts MS Radome 01 for the large radome which mounted on top of the modified gun turret. Smaller radome also been added at the lower part of the wing on each side with that glued with random side skirt parts for easier attachment. I also added flaps at the back of the wings so that it don’t look so exposed and can serve as airbrake plus Raiser wing added to the side. Lastly was the base is taken from MSS Sinker.


The paint i use for this build is:
Gaianotes Ultra Blue
Gaianotes Pure White
Gaianotes Flat Black
Tamiya Enamel Silver
Army Painter Warpaints Dragon Red
Army Painter Warpaints Uniform Grey

And lastly is my own custom decal that is consist of Malaysia flag, Royal Malaysian Air Force Roundel Markings and my own SAR markings as the tribute to the missing MH-370.



Standard 360 shot



(Airbrakes in action)

On the base

Now with that been done, time to finish the main course!

(Also what with this red party here…)


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