Hako Vision Mobile Suit Gundam


Firstly, it been awhile that i have update in this blog since i been busy with my year end semester assignments and speeding up my Kampfer for this year Malaysian Mid-year contest. With that said, here something neat that can be used with your smartphone, The Hako Vision projector gundam ver!



This box that i have contains 6 unit which includes 3 Gundam ver and 3 Zaku ver but you could get the 2 unit pack that have one of each. There also the Gundam in Daiba ver but it was exclusive release and the changes that i see going for it was the different art box and projection.

360 of the box






Content wise, there not much stuff that you need to make the projection work (just you need smartphone of course) which are the backplate, a transparent plastic sheet and a random candy since these are marketed as candy toys. The instruction on how to get the projection working can be found on the lid in the box.


To show how this work, i use the Zaku ver as an example.

1) After you remove the content out of the box, you need to remove the top part of the box.

2) Fold the side lid inwards and put the backplate inside the box.

3) Put the transparent sheet at an angle like so.

4) Get your smartphone (Here my Lumia 925) and scan the QR code at the side of the box or type in the url that you can found in the instruction.

5) Where it lead to the website which you choose the appropriate smartphone screen size from 2.9 inch to 4.5 inch and then it link you to a youtube video to play the projection.

6) Play the video and place it on top of the box and enjoy!

Here the example of the projection.

Final Thoughts
Personally, this is a good entertainment to watch for a few times before i got bored with it as it only provide a single video for each version to play with and for some people it quite small to enjoy it. Fore the projection quality, it quite clear even if you have light in the room and have nice sound effect going along with it’s visuals. I certainly prefer the Zaku ver projection as it have more battle scene while Gundam ver have more random stuff happening than battle it out with Zakus.


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